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Special costume for those classes who dont have yet

classes that doesnt have special costume deserve it. and please add special skill effect too.and also special costumes that doesnt have any special effect like zealot special costume etc deserve special skill effect as well

so heres how to grab my money,
i update it instead staff visit this and be like hey this is good idea…

1.druid special costume
costume color like dark green or gray or black, with special skill effect changes werewolf color to black/gray and the human hybrid form into black/gray as well

2.inquisitor special costume and costume quest
i know inquisitor costume is cool already, just play around with its colors and some little ornament maybe. and add special effect for its special costume like change the wheel shape, or iron maiden shape

3.cleric special costume compensation
heal skill animation is changed so the special effect is useless. add new special effect to maybe smite, or guardian saint to look more cool

4.zealot special costume effect
cmon.when this release pyro and psycho special costume got special effect but this one got ignored. this one deserve it too. add special skill effect to fanatic illusion or even better make fanaticism more cool with flaming aura

5.monk special costume special skill effect
cause why not. maybe a cooler skill effect double punch
never bought it but i guess it should be energy blast:p

got same fate with zealot special costume.not even change the stance like priest/monk costume.make rubric cooler.or the spear.

the one the master wear.change the papers into black with red glowing.

cmon.this class costume is boring.even the master one look the same. make stop effect cooler cause no chrono skills having good effect to improve to begin with.

this is how to grab my not gonna grab it all but i ll definitely grab black wolf druid costume. if theres any ideas about another classes you can spit it out in comment


Hey, Monk has a special costume! And it changes the double punch.
I want to see one for Templar making Mortal Slash really flashy! :prince:

agreed with everthing this man said give us more costumes :smiley: paladin special costume change how barrier looks :smiley:

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i will definitely pay for that druid costume.

make rubric more fancy like how fire pillar getting fancier

change soggoth shape. or make summon 0.5 bigger stack with the size of its card level.(the bigger the better)

the one the master use,make it fancier. make zaibas fancier

make it white. change the shape of the mask.

make it look like a dome with a tree drawn on the ground


templar>> change the horse color into black or even pegasus:p

dragoon costume quest and its special costume that changes the helmet into something even cooler

murmillo>>special costume gold.effect make the helmet into gold

barbarian costume quest and its special costume.make it more badass with thorn,tooth,blood etc.

doppel>>change cyclone skill effect

give cape for all swordman special costumes. or for once, make back costume cape.

A costume that looks like an armor and not like a dress

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somthing like paladin master costume combine with the inquisitor costume will be nice

As simple as having my falcon’s eye glow red and leaving a trail of red line when he dives for an auto attack, I’ll buy minimum 200 tp

or maybe grita phoenix mode which alter bird form or at least the flaming aura for bird will be nice actually.

black armor with robe. and the effect will be change the wheel shape to become badass.

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exactly, apparently Kim doesn’t know about real armors

i ll definitely pay for somethin like this with druid special costume effect

the jacket will be nice too instead of topless
and almost forgot the lycanthropy i will rarely use

this is too manly for tos you need chocolate shields and teddy bears hammers xd

this is the exact problem.they are focus on being cute a bit too much.
i know the art style fit cutesy but it can go cool as well.
i already did send them ticket to release cosmetic that cool>cute.
although i admit they did cool costumes couple times like vampire, chess,twilight knight

sorc? shoggoth? owO?

So, IMC. Where’s the murmillo costume that is even being displayed in your own website in the official classes list?

Would be nice if we murms could get something warmer for those cold maps.

can we just have gore skins for hallloween, give me my shield and weapons made with the torsos and skulls of my enemies

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yeah those puple classes are like a package to me
but i rather necro and change the soggoth into the old one cause the older one is way cooler, just need improvement


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i was thinking a different visual effect when riding in sorc special costume Owo

someone mentioned gore so i just had to take this out again

ever since pyro special costume was released I’ve been wanting a cryo version of the costume.
I mean, having snowflake/ice magic effects coming out of your char’s hand would be cool. also literally
I know there are a bunch of winter themed costumes already but I imagined it more like a modification of original cryo costume + cryo master costume.
pretty much like this: