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Special class costumes

So we have some old special class costumes in game that provide minor aesthetic improvements (QS, Ranger, Cleric etc).

I was wondering if we can have these types of costumes to all classes?

Look, every player loves their chosen class builds. Having a special costume that provides a minor aesthetic improvement to one of the skills will surely add something new. And an income for sure for imc.

Why did they even stop making these special costumes…? Make them plez


As I have limited knowledge to other classes, can others help suggest the most iconic skill that you wish for IMC to make this special effect?

For example:

Ranger special costume = Barrage

So say for:

Falconer, perhaps a different /improved visual on hawk auto attacks

Mergen’s Downfall

Fletcher’s magic arrow (maybe turn it to red fire or something)

Sapper’s Broom Trap to something more visually appealing

Some random ideas:

Featherfoot - Change Kundela Slash into an actual slash animation, instead of just stabbing the enemy.
The Featherfoot master has a white costume, they could re-use this to make a Special costume for the class

Taoist - Change Creeping Death’s particle effects into lightning effects

Warlock - Have the Demon Scratch arm be colored, in a similar way to how Sorcerer summons are colored if you use a legend card
Just like Featherfoot, there’s already a recolor of the costume being used by the class master

Elementalist - Change Fireclaw into something that looks good (I mean, its such a good skill but the flames are so small and unimpressive)
Something like this would be cool (gif from Naruto storm 4)

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For Arditi, they could change Tre Granate’s flames’ colours in green, white and red,


MAKE CATA GREAT AGAIN!! Release to d class a tp Costume! And shut up n take my money!!

i agree on the changing the fireclaw effect but the example is too… ughh

it’s more like this

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i’d love use some cleric’s costumes in others classes :sleepy: (exchange shop costumes)

Fencer Special Costume when?

They should release specil costumes to all classes hopefully :frowning:

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