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SP problems? Making an Alchemist


… seems the obvious solution.

Now I have no idea how to play the class. Would it be possible to simply choose Alchemist, level up to class 45 and stop there (this would mean trivially level up a character to 120 or so)? It would be a waste to invest a character slot for just shops and potion making no?

Otherwise, what would be good complimentary classes to actually play the character normally? I already have a dark wizard, a pyro and a cryo, and I always try to play characters with different classes, which means I would only go with the following remaining classes: Chronomancer, Necromancer (unlikely), Sage, Featherfoot (subject to pick for future dark wizard patch), Rune Caster, Shadowmancer (subject to pick for future dark wizard patch).

Why not a support wizard? Something like Alchemist-Chronomancer-Sage? This is still the highest ranked build for Alchemist…


Maybe RC instead of sage. Not a really good sup, but not useless.


Necro is nice if looking to Roleplay an alchemist more…

If not, then Chrono-Alch-FF can also be good support. FF can add both party healing and dmg.


My Alchemist is Alchemist-Warlock-FF. I think with FF having a trait dealing with potions (and being one of my favorite wizards) it plays well with Alchemist. Warlock is to have another [Curse] with Stigma and to abuse the Witch Doctor trait.


Do people actually play their Chrono - Sage - Alchemist in pve? Because it doesn’t seem to provide anything but Pass and HP/SP heal, and Sage don’t seem to actually provide any support or damage.



Yes, it is highly possible to have a low level (but high functioning) Alchemist!
Alchemists doesn’t need attributes and you don’t need to collect the items with them, you’ll only need acess to your Team Storage and that’s all.

If you like making new characters, yes, I recommend you build something more of it.

I’m a Alchemist-Chronomancer-Sage myself!
Alchemist for the potion making, Sage for the times I want to go somewhere or leave it there, selling portals and Chronomancer for the dirty job of being useful in parties (Saalus and dungeons). :haha:

Alchemist-Chrono is pretty good in parties, Sage isn’t much of a DPS, is more of a utility class. The build isn’t bad, it’s support, as you said.

Healing people’s HP and SP. Lethargy in bosses. Slow in mobs of monsters. Missile Hole to to escape some damages. Stop to collect things undisturbed or to save someone. Revive… to revive (or heal your HP for free). Pass to use sweet skillz more frequently. Sometimes Dimension Compression + Hole of Darkness make a good pair, also.


Can also do Alche-Pyro-RC, to sell enchant fire scrolls, or use them on other chars


Any tips about Pyro/RC skill distribution?


Something like this should work

You need enchant fire maxed to be able to craft it into scrolls, and if you want to craft Flame ground scrolls, remove points from something else


Thx, I will give it a try.


Alch really doesn’t synergize with anything other than Genbu. Might as well just shove it into a Sage build for portal shop for personal use, and to make your own potions. The build will be terrible, but Chrono would at least give you another way to get the slow bonus damage from sage and to make energy bolt and dimension compression cast faster.