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SOS, Bug even GM gave up on

Hello to TOS community members, I tried submitting ticket and inquiring bug report whilst posting my own, but directing here by GM themselves and question rest of player regards my issue being stuck in “The Bishop’s Last Mission” quest whom more specifically in last scene whereby you’re supposed to beat NPC character before proceeding beyond door. , as seen from video my character incapable exiting said scene after defeated designated NPC henceforth stuck midst scenic environment of last mission for Episode 6

Please share if have similar experience and solution to it… GM literally said so to ask others

dont DOT him to death.

EDIT: If you need an explanation, in-game cinematics required every actor to be present for it to work. In that particular scene, Revelator is to down the Spirit to 8k HP then the spirit is set to be immune from damage. However, from a programmatic stand point, error like these can happen when there are more than 1 entry point for received damage event, the bleeding DOT from behead killed it. After the NPC died from your bleeding DOT, the cinematics couldn’t find the NPC animation end event for opening the door hence, no trigger is made to proceed the cinematics.

Dont kill him, spare him with a bit of HP

Where is the GM saying about go ask others btw?

You have to leave him alive. Players just have more damage than the past which makes it easy to kill him.

It’s not a bug, but it is bad design, they should give him the HP Restricted buff that prevents him from dying.

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Wow, I mean … devs actually throwing the ball to the players to solve the issue XDDDD

They tend to do that…

Another example: The Onmyoji title unlock quest has been bugged since the re:build patch went live(early 2019!). You make a bug report, and their response is saying to discuss how to get the title with other players lol

oh… wow… uuuhhh… ummm… dammmm…