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Sorry to say this, but


I do not believe the Re: build will save the ToS. I really love this game and even if it’s been a long time without playing, I’m always reading about the updates and modifications of the game. But honestly … I do not think a repagination in the class system will bring players back or make new players interested in the game.

We still have a lot of lag. We still have an outdated engine that causes FPS crashes for a lot of people. We still have a little fun PvP. We still have a small population. We still have a broken economy.

I want to believe that things will improve, but I also have my feet on the ground and I am being realistic. These changes took too long. I do not know if you still have time to run after the loss.


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I want to believe there is more on the horizon and that this is just step 1. The easiest thing for them to tackle was skill and class imbalances so they went for that first.

Fixing the netcode takes an entire engine overhaul.

Fixing PVP had the prerequisite of adjusting skill and class imbalances, as well as fixing netcode.

I am expecting updates to the games engine coming after re:build.


As someone who basically quit tos for numerous reasons (no content, stupid rng, restrictions, horrible game performance) Re:build seems nice so I keep an eye on tos and forum again. For me it means that I can play a lot of new maps using a completely new class system - that’s cool. But it won’t be more than hat.

I was also quite shock about the devastating game performance. Everything is super slow, fps are a nightmare. No matter how beautiful the style is I don’t see new players enjoying this. Also apart from my workstation PC I got a new notebook meanwhile (the old one couldn’t play tos to begin with) and thought well at least I can play some tos when I’m at my parents home - nope. Connected to a 4k monitor the notebook couldn’t even launch tos. After trying some things out I had to disconnect the notebook from the monitor, by hand edit the user.xml to a lower resolution then 4k, boot it on low resolution and then ingame change to window mode for the game to run.
This is not acceptable. As a new player I would have stopped after it doesn’t launch.

ToS dies no matter what. It’s sad to be honest as the game is beautiful and the maps are fun after all but it has to appeal for new players and for this the whole engine needs a complete rework. I don’t see IMC ever doing this which means imho don’t play tos as a chore, come for content, leave without content and enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:


When re:build comes out, I’ll check it out for sure, I haven’t logged in for months. .One word… Assassin. I’ve wanted to see an assassin class in game from day 1.

The fact that they’re trying to get rid of a lot of the class clutter is great. A lot of people who knew me in game on ToS knew how often I’d talk about:
cutting down on the number of classes/skills a character has
balancing the classes on a number of factors (especially cleric lol)
scaling down the amount of stat points you can spend
adding assassin
more class/skill compatibility with special interactions

There’s a lot more I’d like to see. So far from what I’ve seen from ktest, this re:build is going in a better direction than what they had before. It almost feels like they finally started listening… and it’s great to see.


Pretty much. The korean community (or what’s left of it) is pretty divided on this patch too. A patch which came completely out of nowhere. It’s the kind of update where you can’t know how it will be received and what it will do to the game. It could very well be the final nail in the coffin for tos.

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