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Sorecerer cards and skills

I was wondering when u will modify the skill factor damge of all demon cards. U force us to use few cards. Due the low damage from the others . It wasnt like that long time ago u coulded use many diferent demons to enjoy ur favorite.

I miss using sucubus for instance. Was a nice one single target before. Now that hit at the same speed like all. And she didnt get the skill factor buff. Its useless.
And there are other bosses that are cool and useful but they dont have the buff damage so they suck.

And summon bats. Should be reworked
Or if they dont want to change it they should put when they explode at least. Give the desmodous debuff on enemies. And spread it over others. Would be nice.
Or increase its damage

Or make it a buff aura. That each 3 seconds create one bat. Max 5 with a duration of 30 minutes the buff. Would be nice. Auto summon bats

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