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Sorcerer Summoning Question

Hi all, I just came back to the game and thought might as well try Sorcerer as my new class.

Could anyone teach me on how to summon devil?

I’ve equipped my card to my monster card slot, but when I tried to summon, I got a message: “Place the card into slot to equip it”

What did I miss?

Did you put the monster card to the Grimoire or your character’s card slot?

Look at the lower right part of the screen there’s several icon. Choose the second from left, next to PP Shop if I’m not mistaken. That’s Grimoire. Put demon type card there and you should be able to summon.

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There should be an extra Grimoire icon at the bottom right that lets you insert a card. The first slot is the demon you will summon when you use Summoning. The second slot is the demon that will be summoned when you use Morph.

I personally like using Marnox and Froster Lord. Marnox is expensive but it has very good auto attack. Froster Lord however is my preferred choice when I use Riding a lot, because the Riding skills have short cooldown and are easy to use. As a beginner, I suggest having Froster Lord first, then decide if you want to change later on.

Ah ok, I missed that part, I thought monster card slot was the grimoire.

Thank you everyone!

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