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Sorcerer,Onmyogi and? Need help to pick the 3rd class

Hey guys,

I’m Sorcerer,Onmyogi which class to pic besides pyromancer and necromancer?

Also the stars on summon card make it stronger or they removed it?
My summon barely does any damage, only does 2k damage to mobs ( i have 10k matk)


Not sure about the stars. You need to debuff enemies now with desmondus to increase your summon damage. Their base damages are weaker now. You could go Featherfoot, as the Enervation debuff also increases summon damage, plus u can sustain with life steal. Or you could also go Bokor for more summons.

You could go for any dark Wizard like Warlock. Or Featherfoot if you want more substain (with the attribute that boosts dark element). There is also Runecaster for the 50% magic def. debuff and Rune of Justice that combo with Ying Yang Harmony.

I have pyro - onmy - sorc and I really like this build.

A lot of summoner cards did not get buffed in the sorcerer patch, while damage without desmodus/gather corpse got nerfed (ignoring the formula changes). Which means that any of the sorcerer summons that didnt get buffed in the recent patch are trash for summoning.
The buffed summons are: Marnox, Zaura, Gorkas, Templeshooter, Ignas, Froster Lord and Netherbovine.
These are the only viable summons for Sorcerer.

Leveling cards also doesnt matter anymore.