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Sorcerer class and "Summon Familiar" skill

In, fact, it’s a basic thing that I’d like to suggest. About the “Summon Familiar” skill, I think it should follow the same mechanic as “Summon Salaminion” when it comes to AI. I mean, summon bats that does’n explode, but instead they keep in battle attacking like other summons and companion. But, to be different from them, the bats could drain SP while doing damage - it would make more sense if “vampyrism effect” were activated.

I’m saying this because I love this class and I really would prefer to choose maximize Familiars instead of Salamion assuming if bats could do more damage - and also drain sp - while they keept in battle against enemies affected by vampyrism. Plus, it would make Sorcerers more interesting to play with many creatures attacking together.

Thanks for reading :wink:

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