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Sorcerer cards and summoning builds

I’ve been thinking about turning one of my characters into a wizard since I never played one to this day and sorcerers always seemed cool as I like summoner-type classes. But one thing that always held me back was their need of cards to use their main skill.
Is the card need too much of a hassle? Money wise I mean. And would a summoner build work without cards at all or at least the top tier ones (which I assume are expensive)? And if so, what would be the recommended build to focus on summons?

If it turns out summon builds don’t work in rebuild or are too expensive I’m thinking about just making a fire wizard build that I saw in another thread:

Don’t bother with cards. You can get some easily if you gather some monster card albums and shout for a card event. With 10 people bringing 10 albums, you will have access to 100 cards, which will include probably something good to summon: Gorkas, Froster Lord, Netherbovine… then just use the other cards to up the one you’ll use for summons. You only need 54 cards to pump your summon to 10*. Remember your summon will have 50% more attack and defense at 10*.

Regular build for summoning is the full summoner: bokor - sorc - necro.

Or you could make both. My build is pyro-sorc-onmyoji. Same as the one you mention, but sorc instead of kino. I love it.



Sorc main here.
Cards are a worthwhile investment. But don’t bother with the so-called top tier imo.
Example from my experience:

  • Marnox - so called top tier, good damage, cost 20-40 mil depending on the server
  • Netherbovine - also can be considered top tier, costs below 1 mil, damage-wise only 10-15% worse than marnox, but as a bonus, has a knockback on autoattack that interrupts all enemy skills/attacks

As a result you get a much more newb friendly card (safer due to knockback) with only a bit less damage, but with a really affordable price.

If you plan full on riding build additionally for the future you might want to get Froster Lord as his skills are really good (multi hit, have a chance to freeze even bosses and with a pretty low cooldown)
But still netherbovine is safer and cheaper :slight_smile:

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Hey, could you give us which skill you go on your build ? I’m really interested by the pyro-sorc-onmyo. Thanks a lot

excuse me, but can you suggest me another buid for sorcerer? i never really like the pyro build and all… and i dont want to go for a full summoning build, maybe necro but that is too much, i was thinking about sorc-warlock-shadow? or sorc-tao-ele can you help me?

And about cards i was thinking about the templeshooter because when i used to play the game he used to bem the best summon i think i still have him…maybe

Does your build work well? I just tried a full summoner and it was pretty underwhelming, I don’t know if I built it wrong, used bad equips or something else but it felt weak power wise, too sp heavy and boring to play.

I liked summoner but didn’t enjoy the other 2 classes, so pyro-sorc-onmyoji is looking like a great option. Also, I’ve been reading that onmyoji’s fire fox gets redundant at higher levels because you get enough crits from equips already, is that true?

Thats very helpful information, I have been looking for something for my alchemist mule to make it semi-usable occasionally when im on it but never wanted to touch sorc b/c marnox goes for 25mil on Klaipedia.

So ontop of a 10* netherbovine, are there any other cards needed, I have no experience with sorc but I thought I read people needed like 4 cards or something for shoggoth, is that just a necro thing, and if so, is sorc/necro how to build?

Your choice… basically anything with sorc works. You use sorc as an alternative to AA, as your summon basically autoattacks for you. I simply picked pyro because it hits hard and enchant fire applies to summons, and onmyoji because my original build was thauma-sorc-onmyoji and I liked the class for the big AoE skills with low cooldowns. Careful if you pick Shadowmancer, the class is really underwhelming now as it sucks the SP you don’t have anymore at an alarming rate.

Not anymore. Maybe for Necromancer, but for Sorcerer the card stinks. If you have Marnox it’s great, otherwise use Netherbovine.

Just finished reskilling yesterday. I had put 5 points in everything to test, but this can’t be viable as you would have too many skills, so I had to make choices. Build is probably not perfect (basically I never played pyro before), but it seems to work fine.

For pyro: max Prominence, Fire Pillar, Hell Breath and Flame Ground, these skills hit like a truck and will melt everything in a small AoE (the only drawback is the randomness of Prominence); leftover 5 points into Enchant Fire for the extra line of attack on you and your summons; the other two skills are nice, but I had to make choices (Fireball hits hard, but is way too random; if you make pyro-ele-sorc instead, DEFINITELY max Fireball as the combo with Storm Dust removes the randomness and is devastating)

For summoner: not much to say, you don’t have many choices, it’s max Summoning + Summon Servant for the buffs + Desmodus for the extra 40-60% damage of your summons + Evocation for high factor damage burst, one point for Riding (just for fun, I rarely use the skill it’s not really easy to control the thing), rest into Salamion (should be 9 points); Summon Familiar sucks and should be avoided… and I left Morph aside because simply I have no idea what it is for

For onmyoji: hardest choice, as everything has been rebalanced and you want pretty much all the skills the class offers, but you don’t have the points for all of them; I’ve put 6 points into Fire Fox since it’s a Salamion-like summon and it gives 50% extra CR to your pyro skills at that level (although I think the skill is bugged atm and doesn’t give the extra CR – I’ve never been able to trigger any critical hit with my pyro skills, maybe it’s simply 50% extra critical attack and not critical rate?); I’ve put 2 points into Tree because it has been buffed to give DoT with the poison attribute, but still scales poorly (so no need to put too many points); I’ve put 12 points into the Tiger because it has been seriously buffed and now skill factor also increases with skill level; still 10 points into Water even after a big nerf (no more double hits and big skill factor nerf) because it’s still good (although I may consider maxing Tiger instead and leaving only 7 points to Water); max Toyou since it scales well and also Yin Yang for the large area of DoT; Genbu Armor is now pointless (who would want to waste points into a skill that negates damage by using your now nonexistent SP pool???)

You mainly use the Fox as an extra summon. I’ve tested it and it’s much better than the Salamion (my Salamion hits for 10k, my Fox for 2x20k). For the extra crits, I don’t know if it’s bugged or not, but I don’t feel that the Fox is giving any extra crits atm…

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Oh, and about Toyou are you using it mid combo or only as a finisher? I put some points into it when I tried onmyoji but truth is I got too afraid of the 50% dmg reduction to ever use it.

You use Toyou same as Tree and Tiger, at the beginning since all three have disabling properties (hold, poison, fear). For me, I usually finish with the Water skill. Toyou’s 50% damage only applies to knocked down enemies, so unless you start with Earthquake you’ll get 100% damage. The Debris attribute also allows you to hit flying enemies half of the time, so it’s fine.

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How does Netherbovine compares to Froster Lord. I’m running a pure summon build as a sub for fun and I was thinking which card is better for either AA and riding.

thank you i think i get it then i’m going for one of this builds then with tao i think its good enough thank you, but can you tell the the difference between the card of choice for necro and sorc?

how do i use the skill summoning? where do i get grimoire

The grimoire is the little “pentagram” icon in the bottom right of your UI. Open it (click on the icon) then drag & drop a demon or devil card into it. Your Summon skill should activate. Note: you cannot summon while in a town.

hi i want to ask about Sorcerer, this class actually need a card.
what i just use level 1 card (card with 1 star) at the market the price of netherbone card is 500k silver.

and if i want to build summoning class like Sorcerer - Necro - Bokor
which one i have to choose for easy leveling from level 1??

Either Necro or Bokor first, Sorc serves to buff other purple classes

Necro provides the most summons and constant reliable damage, bokor zombies may be used to damage but without the wheel-chair zombie attribute they are soooo sloooow (all the same I am against this) and while yes there are builds that use level 15 zombify and with high spirit they could do a fair amount of dps… with a full summon build though I would realy just use damballa to blow them up good quick and easy damage!

so MY recommendations for a first class is either Necro or a damballa focused bokor build

a 1 star nether bovine is actually a great start XD

jojo, what level 1 card and level 10 card will be different??

thank you i will build necro 1st and bokor 2nd.

slight difference for sorcerer none for necro I beleive