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Sorc - Necro - Pyro

I need some guidance about this build. Here is my idea:

I didn’t get morph/riding because I don’t use the first skill and I have summon art at the moment.

Enchant Fire is not worthy right now. And Prominence, IMO, is too weird.
My suggestion would be Fireball 15 and Flame Ground 10 with the skills points taken from Prominence and Enchant Fire. A way more reliable skill (Fireball) and more points into another already good skill. You can take 1 point for Fire Wall, but that is it.

Prominence with ART is great.
Fireball is crap now, waste of any points.

as person above wrote, Enchant Fire is not good.
Hell Breath is channeled… you could use that time to cast other skills instead
Some say Fire Wall is pretty good now.

i only use flame ground, firewall, pillar and prominence. firewall with arts is great for cm6+ since it creates a barrier to hide against melee attackers.

I use hell Breath as it IMO flows into the rotation and buys some time for CD’s to recharge while against melee enemies, but you can drop it to 1 or 0 point if you wish.

IMO fire ball isnt worth it.
It’s not that its damage is bad, its that given the other skills you have it doesnt fit very cleanly within the rotation, but I do use riding.