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Sorc-?-FF What should be the 3rd class?


I have a hard time deciding on what third class to pick for Sorc-FF build, because I really like those classes. Why?

Sorcerer: I am the Pokemon master : P But seriously, I love this class mechanics, because it can adapt to nearly any situation. Need farming? Summon Gorkas for spammable AoE. Bossing? Marnox, Froster Lord, Necroventer, etc… My only wish for this class would be a card album, like grimoire, where we can keep all summonable cards to pick them out whenever we want. Big bonus is also that this class posess high SPR and SP attribute, so that lessens the amount of SP pots I need to snort.

Featherfoot: I only played this class before Re;Build, but I remember that it has great single target damage and, most important for me, self healing skills (I am a cheapskate for pots), gotta love the self-sustain : ). I don’t know how the class is after the recent patch tho.

My third class choices are (also with my builds):

  • Necromancer: synergy with both FF and Sorc, additional minions which scale with SPR and buffed by Desmodus, easier debuffs for KS, FF benefits from Corruption as all its skills are poison element
  • Bokor: basically Necro light. When tis class was with Cleric tree I remember it being freaking SLOW. Not a big fan of this one.
  • Onmyoji: Something about this class makes me love it for some reason, maybe it’s the huge AoE on HWT… I don’t know if summons benefit from Mediator attribute. On a side note, Y-YH is a b*tch to aim.
  • Taoist: Since I feel like having Gorkas do the AoE, this would be another single target class, and I hear it’s pretty strong.

I guess that the most logical choice would be Necromancer, but any sumons other than those from cards feel sluggish and lackluster, also that class has a sh*tload of skills and I like to keep my pad slots to max 18 skills (2 slots reserved for pots). My second choice is a tie between Onmyo and Tao, but I don’t know which does better late-game. Onmyo is great for levelling but I think I remember it starting to slow down around lv 200+, so if going for long term investment then Tao may be a better choice.

No idea on what you would pick, but a few things: Featherfoot still does mad single target damage, even more now due to Kurdaitcha, and SPR doesn’t give SP anymore. It also has an attribute that makes anything you curse with Featherfoot, get +50% more Dark damage.

The following debuffs will be categorized as [Curse] debuffs and work with the [Featherfoot: Witch Doctor] attribute.

  • Bokor: Hexing (Hexing)
  • Feather Foot: Blood Curse (Cursed by Blood), Enervation (Enervation), Bone Pointing (Hexing)
  • Warlock: Mastema (Stigma)

If you haven’t already found it.

As Casey said the Witch Doctor attribute on FF makes you really want to go with dark damage synergy :
-some summon have dark property on their attacks
-all Bokor and Warlock skills are dark will deal 50% more damage under curse (except Mastema that is bugged right now?)

Other thing to keep in mind : now you need 3 debuffs to maximize the damage on Kundela Slash and I don’t know how good Sorc is at applying debuffs, so if it sucks you should get a third class that can help you with that. Necro’s Corruption debuff can double dip on that (+30% damage and a debuff), but so does Warlock’s Mastema (counts as a curse for the 100% damage bonus and counts as 2 debuffs), etc etc. IDK how reliable Tao or Onmyo are at inflincting debuffs so look that up.

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This are the options I would go with. This is with my experience with my Featherfoot - Necromancer - Warlock

  • Necromancer would be the first obvious choice. Sorcerer has Desmodus to boost Skeleton damage. The best synergy is the Corruption debuff that boost poison damage by 30%. This Corruption debuff is very spread to apply since Shoggoth does spread it around its area.

  • Warlock because of the Featherfoot’s Witch Doctor attribute that increases dark damage on cursed by 50%. Masterma also acts not just a curse but additional stigma debuff, making it easier to proc Kundela Slash attribute. Warlock itself have strong AOE skills to make up for the lack of AOE of Featherfoot. Warlock Invocation also had blind which is another debuff.

  • Bokor for curse. Take note that Bokor’s Hexing can be overwritten by Bone Pointing which applies a lvl 1 hex. Only Bone Pointing works with Effigy. Bokor has very good AOE burst with their 10cd Damballa spam. Bwa Kamiyan also has CC.

Well that sucks…

Any examples? Is Necroventer one of them?

Nope, nyet, even if it has synergy, this class is a no-no for me.

So between Necro and Warlock, which is a better choice? Lets recap:

  • Necro: skels buffed by Desmodus, Greater Corruption attribute gives 30%dmg to poison skills, Shoggoth is a walking Decay debuff, additional debuffs - Necromancer’s Bane (PS does “Attack Weakened” from Flesh Hoop count as a debuff for Kundela Slash?)
  • Warlock: benefits from Witch doctor 50%dmg against cursed enemies, has AoE, debuffs - Blind, Fear, Stigma

Also on WL does Witch Doctor attribute gives that 50% against all debuffs or only specific ones? Also, between Invocation and Dark Theurge, which is better to max out?

I personally would go with Warlock. The Witch Doctor attribute applies to cursed enemies so Bone Pointing, Enervation, Blood Curse and Masterma. Warlock contribute more to AOE than Necromancer does. Invocation is better to max

I play Featherfoot - Warlock - Necromancer for my sub and it seems pretty ok. For comparison sake, I clear CM 5 faster than my pure summoner build.

I think I’ll go with Necro first and see how it works for me. If I don’t like it I can always reroll to WL : )

anything that appears under the monster’s health bar counts as a debuff so yeah

If you use the combo optimally (Invocation, wait 20s > Dark Theurge > Ghastly Trail > Evil Sacrifice) with all the attributes for double damage then maxing Ghastly Trail is the best for damage.

If you don’t want to bother making things optimal then Invocation has the best SF per level

Is there a reason for 20s? Like what you do mean by optimally? Does it spawn the maximum number of spirits after 20s?

Invocation spirits spawn every 2s until there are 10, so 10*2 = 20s (which is also the cd for DT). Of course it’s a different matter in things like challenge mode where you will get most of your spirits by killing enemies, in which case it’s better to just max Invocation.

'Kay, I messed around with both Warlock and Necro and I must say I just don’t feel Wl, skells for me :slight_smile:

Edit: one question tho: does decay count as poison? if yes, should I use Velnia Monkey-Biteregina combo? Wait, shoggoth spreads decay, so maybe something else for purple card?