Something Imc should consider


Seeing to how tree of savior is doing alot better i believe the next step would be to expand it by maybe bring it to the switch console? I mean honestly it seems like a good idea to say the least the community would be more lively and more people would be willing to invest with more content and such aside from that it’d be portable so people who don’t have enough time to play at home can bring it to work and catch up during the breaks or lunchs with their buddies if they have any. I’m sure you guys seen what happened with diablo and that game flopped but here I see a huge opportunity here and i’d like so see ya’ll take it. :smiley: I’m mean it’d be a great way to start the year~.


yeaaaaaaaaah before that they should make a PC version that doesn’t stutter or freeze super often though tbh :V

also i doubt the Switch public would be interested in this at all


if they figured out and fixed everything that is causing new players to quit the game then they can bring the game anywhere they want and it will still sell a lot.

thing is, if they expand right now when the game condition is really bad they will throw away their only chance of expanding into another platform.

if they expand later when the game is much better they have a better chance of making it.
at the current condition whether you can play the game on pc or console or switch people will still leave.


You’re right however you can’t say that the idea of it being on the PS4 or switch won’t increase it’s population and money flow.


I Agree just if it goes cross plataform. There is no meaning jump to mobile and consoles since the PC version dont have a high player base. Cross plataform could bring more people to the game from consoles.

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