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Some questions for fellow tankers

After Rebuild i feel that has become a pain to maintain the threat level so that you can keep the aggro on you, mostly because they cut Peltasta legs and made him a buff Class. Thats how i feel.

Even after the Legendary Skiaclipse Patch i did not see any change on Provoke passive. Can’t be sure if the effect was changed but i’m sure the description wasn’t…
But at least now with Liberate i barely can keep the threat when doing guild/Party content with friends, and i m not bad equipped, almost the same level of equips of my dps parties.

Last week i feel that has become harder to hold aggro, i want to know if anyone more is having problem on keeping the threat level higher than your brute DPS?
Do you think Peltasta could use of more incentive for generating threat?

I want to know if its just me or this game is killing its tanker population forcing then to go for DPS builds just so they can even keep up with the threat level.

You should be able to hold threat as long as you have somewhat similar gear to your party members. As a tank, your damage still matters a lot and the threat modifiers Swordsman has should make it relatively easy to hold aggro. I have run all the end game content and while I do a lot of damage, tanks could always hold aggro from me.

Make sure you have the Swordsman Provoke attribute enabled and your party members have it disabled. Use Liberate without attributes if needed (should be fine with attributes) and then you can use the Peltasta skills for even more threat if you’re still having trouble. All the Peltasta damage skills have large threat modifiers (10x). If you aren’t holding aggro, your damage output is an issue; you should not be relying on forced threat through skills like Swashbuckling. Finally, if all this isn’t enough, Provoke is being buffed in a future update by a significant amount.

Tank damage output matters a lot for contributing to the party, and with a good amount, you should keep aggro without a problem.

I feel it’s just best to get good gear and drop pelt if you’re trying to hold aggro. There’s no really great point to having peltasta in PvE content, unless you just like seeing your character take no damage.

When doing Boruta I noticed Peltasta has trouble holding aggro if they don’t have a strong DPS like Doppel or Murmillo in their build and any strong DPS Swordsman with liberate and pass can hold aggro better than any Peltasta.

I did this post to see if more ppl are feeling the same way.

Now will share my thoughts of the class that was originally the class for tanks, Peltasta:
Peltasta skills right now are scraps from before rebuild, when i say they turned the class into a buff class its because they removed any possible potential damage the class had, cut by 1/5 the threat generating and removed all the good CC/Debuffs it had, leaving left just nerfed/bad skills.
Just for comparison the damage of Umbo Blow was reduced, now if you max out level/passives and take advantage of the block double damage, you barely will pass 1000%, but the fact that the skill is slow other PVE classes can make up for the difference of threat quite easily.
They removed the Rim/Umbo Blow interaction with High Guard, removed the Umbo Block Knock Back effect (most satisfying thing to use).
And now more recently they changed the High Guard, honestly the results where pretty bad in my opinion.
And as i said in the beginning i’m barely keeping up with the Aggro, its not like i’m depending on squashing bucking.
About Swordsman Provoke it was suppose to receive a buff on Skiaclipse Legendary Patch.
But yeah the description and the feeling of barely keeping with the threat is still there.

equip skia brigandine,trouser,leather glove&shoe help a lot

Them removing these two skills killed peltasta for me


How bout you share us your gear and your build, skill allocation, attribute spent and which boss you were tanking?

Crevox already mentioned his tanker no issue vs legend skiaclipse. Velco aggro don’t always stick to one target.

Use it together with Liberate, that will fix your issue. Unless you are using it for awaken or fortitude

i’m just double checking, did they remove the threat gain modifier from rim bow and umba blow?

I m using Peltasta - Hackapell - Templar, it works well on PvE and GvG not the greatest 1v1.
I already tried a lot of combinations, that one suited me the most on both mechanics and efficiency. I m not new on this role and what i call “barely keeping up with the threat” i mean that i can maintain like 90% of the time, but damage spikes(Kraujas/Smug etc) of brute PvE dps like Taoist, BM, Exorcist sometimes takes the aggro for some seconds.
And about the bosses, World Bosses sometimes, Wastrel and Boruta. Got no problem with legend Skiaclipse too(can’t tell the same for my party members haha).

This post is to see the opinion of other tanks, not asking for advice. There are already some good guides on the Forum for that. :slight_smile:

@Ersakoz Liberate do help but is does not give window for damage spike with the use of legend set skill.

@pulgasxiii They removed the Threat effect that holds for 10s every 30s. The 10 times(20 with passive) is still there.

ahh ic, but the patch didn’t mention removing threat modifier on “Shield Lob” i only gave 1 point on that skill. haven’t done velco this week, so i haven’t tried it to see if it can hold aggro.

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I don’t play many mmos but I’ve read quite a few tanker role in other game. It’s pretty much the same, tanker got extra aggro point and they still need to dps their best to stay in top aggro. Party also need to expect when their tanker lost the aggro. There’s still card and skill interaction that reduced threat generation if needed.

Don’t get me wrong but 90% with that build ain’t good enough? You lost dps class for higher aggro generation but you trade it for party shield+utility+gvg. Unless you really think peltasta is all it need to be tanker, then I got nothing to say.

Its just the fact that they announced Buff on Swordsman Provocation passive on the patch note and it did not reach us in game. That is the problem really.
If we are talking about multi task build i was using before rebuild Sword1-Peltasta3-Templar3-Shinobi1-Murmilo2 that was a brutal combination for a tank.
Again, if by any chance they did changed the provocation passive, i would prob not be making this thread at all… probably.
Other thing i can think of is the fact that almost every content can be done using 4 dps + 1 healer with no higher difficulty, tanks aren’t that much necessary in this game.

And if by any chance you think Hackapel don’t have damage, look again at the class because they buffed quite a while and its on par with other dps classes, also i did testing on Irredian Dog.