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Some op Crusader build?

like title i need help for a op or at least good crusader build(for PVE) , because i really don’t know how make this class works with others 2, any ideas?

meta one is druid,exo I guess

could as well go exo-crusader-chaplain for the goodness of up to 160% additional holy damage with capella instead of the 30% boost from druid, which only stacks additionally onto the 40% magic damage boost by crusader while capella is a multiplier (2x to 2.6x holy damage).

Druid would mainly provide better survival and more crit&crit damage while chaplain prevents knockdown and better holy damage for both crusader and exorcist.

Given how shitty the crit chance is with old equipment,though, druids crit boosts provide nothing until you get new 430 primus disnay ichors on your gear with crit stats.
Better take chaplain for now, love the goodness of capella and knockdown protection, and maybe later change to druid once you got the crit equipment to support the boost provided by druid.

Crusader/Druid/Plague Doctor o Crusader/Druid/Exorcist

For me, with Plague Doctor is better for the combo Chrotasmata and Thron with Incineration (2 Debuff extra make more Damage).

The joke is that class are healers and DPS

I agree with @kitsuneesp

Main thing for me is the kind of gameplay you prefer. Chaplain can boost the magical damage, for sure. But the fact that is a skill that lasts for 30 seconds and has a 65 sec CD bothers me. So I would rather become a furry and get those 30% and be able to go grind and farm with it.

Now, between plague doctor or exorcist. A lot of people like exorcist because of the mace that prolongs the rubric by 2 seconds, which for sure is good AOE and damage. But crusader also has a mace that reduces cooldown of holy smash to 5 sec and condemn to 15 sec I believe. So in the end you have to choose, either you boost crusader’s DPS by being able to spam skills, or you boost exo’s rubric.

I’m a bit against the idea of channeling a skill for 4 seconds, everyone I see playing big raids or bosses almost die for staying there for too long.

Now, considering that I would have the mace to boost crusader’s skills rather than exo’s. Exo’s rubric would cause 9,288% (0.25 sec per hit for 2 seconds at 1161%). However, PD steam will cause 14,940% over the 15 seconds duration, meanwhile you can spam holy smash to beat everyone lol.

And nonetheless, healing factor, my man. You’re gonna be able to do a lot of late content even if you don’t have top gear in the game to defend yourself.

So in the end, the gameplay of plague doctor pleases me more than exo, but honestly that’s completely up to you. Exo is a great class as well.

That’s also true for crusaders skill sacred.

It’s 8127% since the skill only hits 7 times. Every skill has an initial 0.3 second delay, which reduces the maximum amount of hits it can produce by usually at least 1.
In rubrics example, you start channeling, for the first 0.3 seconds there is no hit, the first hit appearing at 0.3 seconds, the 2nd at 0.55, the 3rd at 0.8, the 4th at 1.05, the 5th at 1.3, the 6th at 1.55 and the 7th at 1.8 seconds. As you can see, you are exactly 0.05 seconds short of triggering an 8th hit.

The good news for you is that the SFR of rubric was boosted to 1505% per hit on KTOS already,
so you’ll be able to hit 10535% before enhancement attribute and arts regardless, sooner or later.

I noticed that the sacred skill you don’t need to do as much channeling, there is a thin line between not casting the skill at all when you press the button and by channeling a bit the skill keeps going on it’s own, I just wasn’t able to pin point where exactly that happens.

Now, first of all, I had no idea about that skill delay and that it actually hits less, good to know!

I’m surprised they boosted rubric instead of the other exo’s skills. Honestly, katadikazo being a skill on the third circle of a class and only dealing 846% x 3 damage is absurd, and the AOE of aqua benedicta is really meh. In the end you have a bunch of exo skills with 15 sec CD but you don’t actually end up using a lot of them, hence why I prefer the black death steam in the background ticking damage over 15 seconds while I use the rest of the skills.

What is your opinion overall, if it’s not a build with chaplain, would you rather choose exo or PD?

iirc the skill only applies 5 hits of 8 if you don’t channel till the last 3 hits are applied, but I could be wrong.

I would rather ditch crusader simply because it is that bad. Yes, the SFRs are quite high but aside a boss killer, it brings little to the table.
It’s also really clunky to use,considering the small AoEs that can easily be stepped away from/out of by monsters.

Exorcist is far better and more comfortable to play with. However, if you really want crusader without chaplain, plague doctor would be a good choice since you’ll be in for a world of hurt as crusader requires you to go close and stay close to the enemies for an elongated amount of time, allowing you to resist status ailments and damage via healing factor and beak mask.