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Some ideas about new Vaivora weapons

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I’m here to propose some ideas about new vaivoras:

Vaivora sword - Reckless taunt:
CON +108
AoE attack ratio +3
Increase strike-type damage +980
Swash buckling skill level +3

Reckless taunt:
Swash buckling becomes an aura that doesnt stop taunt enemies around the caster (applying “swash buckling debuff”) while the caster gets a “Reckless” stack for each time he/she gots hit.

Reckless: increase damage dealt by 2% per stack.
Duration: 20 seconds
Max. stacks: 25

level 4: Increases the Physical Defense conversion from shield for Langort by 35%.

(“Swash buckling: swear word” art would have to be changed or remove (maybe not))

Vaivora Staff - Evil pool:
INT +200
Critical rate +744
All skill level of Warlock +1

Evil pool:
Mastema becomes a magic circle that last for 10 seconds dealing 1/5 mastema skill factor each 2 seconds and creates 10 evil spirits around it every 4 seconds (3 waves in total (1 in the same moment that you use “Mastema” and 1 every 4 seconds after that)).

level 4: Increase “Pole of Agony” duration to 10 seconds and reduce the damage cycle to 0.4 seconds.

Vaivora Bow - Spatial perception:
STR +218
Physical critical attack +1520
Critical rate +780
Bounce Arrow skill level +2
High Anchoring skill level +2

Spatial perception:
“Bounce Shot” skill factor is reduced to 2/3 but splitted arrows will bounce 2 times (Arrows can bounce back to previous target). If the arrow doesnt split, it deals 6 hits to the same target.

level 4: “High Anchoring” skill factor reduced to 1/2, overheat reduced to 1, +10 AoE attack ratio. Now it deals from 2 to 8 hits based on enemies size-type (the appearance of the shoot changes and it becomes bigger too).

Vaivora Mace - Nature’s Knowledge:
INT +130
SPR +130
Critical rate +400
Carnivory skill level +2
Seed Bomb skill level +2

Nature’s Knowledge:
The carnivorous plants from “Carnivory” skill become flowers that shoot seeds every 3 seconds that explode, dealing 1/2 “Seed Bomb” skill factor to the target enemy and nearby enemies.

level 4: “Chrostasmata” can deal damage to air-type enemies. “Chrostasmata” skill range +30%. Rash debuff skill factor +50%. (the appereance of “Chrostasmata” changes).

Vaivora Pistol - Wildness:
STR +148
Critical rate +490
Physical critical attack +1280
All skill level of Corsair +1
Jolly Roger skill level +2

During fever Corsair skills and Corsair Arts deal double hits. Every time the caster deals damage with a different weapon (main weapon, subweapon and secondary subweapon count as different weapons) than last time, he/she will get “Wildness” stacks.

Wildness: increase damage dealt by 1% per stack.
Max. stacks: 30.
Duration: 20 seconds.

level 4: “Double weapon assault” skill cooldown reduce to 25s. The caster can use the subweapon (Vaivora Pistol - Wildness) while moving during “Double weapon assault”. Using different weapons than last time during “Double weapon assault” will give “Assault” stacks.

Max. stacks: 10.
Duration: 30 seconds.

At 10 stacks, cast “Piracy” when “Double weapon assault” is cast:

Piracy: hit an enemy with a shoot that slow it and cast “Jolly Roger: support shot” on it (it pursuit it).
Shoot skill factor: 2500% x 3. +20% Min.critical rate.
Slow debuff duration: 5 seconds (not reduced on TBL and GTW).

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

Cheers :haha:


I really liked the idea of ​​flowers for the druid’s Vaivora but I would also put STR as physical clerics also use the class , lvl 4 I think it can be improved, just hitting flying targets doesn’t compensate the cost of leveling it and the chorasmata range is already huge I think that increasing even more is unnecessary but a good idea in general.

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Ty for your contribution :haha:

I was thinking the same and probably +60% skill range its too much. I decided to reduce the increased skill range to +30% and add +50% skill factor to rash debuff.

About the STR, i decided to dont put it on it because druid maybe is used with physical classes but really it is not a physical class. In this situation, physical class builds with druid, would have to use other vaivora weapons.

I changed too the lvl 4 buff from corsair pistol because i think that it could be pretty wierd xDD this new one should work better.

STEAM TOS never get heard by Korean Devs. Unless you send these suggestions straight and directly to their suggestion box by email.

Druid is an hybrid class so it should be
Vaivora Mace - Nature’s Knowledge:
DEX+130 (or con)
INT +130
SPR +130
Critical rate +400
Carnivory skill level +2
Seed Bomb skill level +2

Nature’s Knowledge:
The carnivorous plants from “Carnivory” skill become flowers that shoot seeds every 3 seconds that explode, dealing 1/2 “Seed Bomb” skill factor to the target enemy and nearby enemies.

level 4: “Chrostasmata” can deal damage to air-type enemies. “Chrostasmata” skill range +30%. Rash debuff skill factor +50%. (the appereance of “Chrostasmata” changes).

Hi hi!! @alex_rivera_a

As i said to @santwillian2 i’m not agree with that. But yes, you can put ur opinions too xD i’m not the one who is going to approve and do this in any case.

Please read what i said to all and then talk (i mean, you are supposed to response to what i said to @santwillian2 giving a good reason, instead of repeat the same stuff) .

Hi @dyjanmichael i dont know how to do that (i mean, i dont know the email), and i think that they see the suggestions really.

I like it, but I like it being about Lycanthropy even more. Specifically wolf form.

Also more Chortasmata range is unnecessary. It was update in Ktos a week ago to be almost as big as Flame ground.

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hi hi!! @megamanex14 rly ty for your contribution!!

I was thinking about do it about lycanthropy too, but i think that lycanthropy is too much “overworked”, i mean, it has good attributes and arts and i think that try to boost other skills should be better instead of that skill. Anyway in future updates it should be boosted by this vaivora too.

You were saying the same about the skill range of chrostasmata… I put it, having in mind that it would help the party during raids because they would can move free around the boss with bigger chrostasmata. The problem with this, is that chrostasmata would be easily removed by “remove magic circle” skills, but i think that it would be removed easily anyway so i think that its a good upgrade for the skill because what i said.

Anyway, i’m going to leave here some other options for Vaivora Mace - Nature’s Knowledge level 4 upgrade:

Level 4: “Lycanthropy” skill cooldown reduced to 30s. The caster can use Druid skills during Wolf form. Wolf forms buffs can be stacked if used in order (if you use it in other order, it wont stack):
1st Lycanthropy: Wolf’s Spirit (Art) (30 minutes duration)
2nd Lycanthropy: Human Form (Attribute) (90 seconds duration)
3rd Lycanthropy (Wolf form)(Skill base effect) (30 seconds duration)

Level 4: “Chrostasmata” can deal damage to air-type enemies. Party members will recive 20% less damage during Floral Scent buff, and enemies will get 30% more damage from all sources while on Rash debuff.

Remmember to like the post and comment if you like the idea!! :haha:

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I know that it will never happen but I had a dream of the druid being able to transform into other animals and not just the wolf, but something like a bull with cool horns with different buffs maybe focusing on being more tank or maybe more utility.

perhaps replacing one of the transformation skills that are actually quite fun at the beginning but pretty useless in general

I liked this last option for vvr lvl 4 and joining with the idea of ​​flowers would be perfect for me xD

I was always thinking that IMC would just give us the Sorc/Wugu treatment. What I mean is using the Beast category of boss cards for our transformations. Would’ve been a good way to go.

That would be too much. Its current change has already made it big enough for that. Any bigger would be to advantages to Druid healers and pvp DoT’ting.

This is already strong enough on its own. But this should actually be the level 1 option.

This would be way too strong. Wolf form would become unstoppable, and you’ll literally become the juggernaut. I would remove this.

Now using some of what you suggested, I think a more balanced level 4 would look like:

Level 4: The carnivorous plants attack from “Carnivory” skill now applies a seed bomb debuff with every attack.
This would fix Chortasmatas ability to hit flying enemies because carnivorous plants can.

So in essence the VV should be:

Vaivora Two-Handed Mace - Nature’s Wrath
STR +221
INT +221
Critical rate +640
Lycanthropy skill level +3

Nature’s Wrath:
Reduces the cooldown of Lycanthropy by 60 sec.
The caster can use Druid skills during Wolf form.

Level 4: The carnivorous plants from “Carnivory” skill applies [Seed Bomb] debuff of current level with every attack.

Now let me breakdown why I went with what I did for each part of the Vaivora.

  1. Vaivora Two-Handed Mace - Nature’s Wrath

Obviously this will have to be a two handed mace, Druid is a damage dealing class. Nature’s Wrath fits that theme name perfectly, and it sounds cool.

  1. STR +221
  2. INT +221

Int and Str because Druid is meant to be a hybrid for both physical and magical classes. This was always the case with Lycanthropy, and now IMC has the toggle attribute for it for all its skills. The +221 is to keep it inline with other two handed Vaivora’s.

  1. Critical rate +640

Druid is about critting and critting hard. Lycanthropy and Sterea Trofh shows that aspect of the class. The +640 is to keep it close to other two handed Vaivora’s without overpowering them in raw crit rate outside of Lycanthropy.

  1. Lycanthropy skill level +3
  2. Nature’s Wrath:
    Reduces the cooldown of Lycanthropy by 60 sec.
    The caster can use Druid skills during Wolf form.

Lets be real, the main reason we all take Druid is because of Lycanthropy’s steroid bonuses. So why not have the Vaivora centered around that skill. Not only does increasing Lycanthropy levels effect just Lycanthropy, but also all of the other classes and skills you use paired with Druid.

For instance:

  • The Art attribute gains a bonus damage and damage reduction.
  • The Wolf form gains bonus damage and critical rate.
  • The Human form gains bonus damage, defense and critical rate.

Each form can fit other classes in the cleric tree well, thus giving it the versatility IMC wanted it to have as a hybrid class.

  1. Level 4: The carnivorous plants from “Carnivory” skill applies [Seed Bomb] debuff of current level with every attack.

Finally its level 4. The reason I chose this kind of level 4 is to make it work with Druids skill allocations of Carnivory vs. Seed Bomb levels. Putting points into Carnivory will yield more SFR over time (Multiples of small hits), but putting more points into Seed Bomb will yield bigger SFR hits (A few big hits).
Carnivorous plants attack once every 2 seconds, matching the same debuff time of seed bombs. More plants equals more explosions of Seed Bomb at one time, but more Seed Bomb equals bigger hitting explosions. Of course there needs to be some tweaks with the numbers, but this becomes very attractive in bossing and AoE situations.

Mind you this is all made with the new KToS Druid changes in mind.

I think this works well as a Druid VV
@shanochitos @Wolfy @STAFF_William @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Alex @Staff_Brand @Staff_Jin @STAFF_Bob @staff @4lkruzeth

The perfect Druid vaivora that all Druid main need it right now. I also like the idea with the Carnivory grass. It has perfect synergy with seed bomb.

Also, I think level 4 should have additional effect where Carnivory automatically apply to Chortasmata upon usage. I feels like Druid already have way too many skills to use already. Letting alone using Carnivory every 30 seconds.

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Wooohoooo so happy to see that warlock is not forgotten haha
though I have something different in mind

Since Warlock reduces CRIT RES, landing critical is a bit easier, so
I would prefer its vaivora to have CRIT DMG instead, or both CRIT RATE + CRIT DMG
for the effect, I thought something like this:

[Demon’s Marking]
Demon Scratch additionally leaves a mark on the floor (scratch marks) that hits enemies that step on it, using Demon Scratch sfr.

For Level 4, I think it would be useful to have increased damage of evil spirits, or either:

  • Mastema reduced cd, like 50%
  • Pole of Agony increased damage

I think that the actual (future) Warlock vaivora might work with Demon Scratch
since that is the only skill that didn’t get a reduced sfr in kToS EP13 patch

Also, please IMC, PLEASE! update Mastema: Phantom Pain to hit based on a % of Mastema sfr instead
of MATK, please
it’s just… sad