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Some ideas about future reworks on "job" classes + templar

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I want to propose to rework “job” classes (appraiser, pardoneer, alchemist, squire, enchanter and templar (yes, templar too. It can’t put a shop but currently it feels similar to them (i think))) making them a good classes on some roll by adding some of their current skills to the “common skills” or on “rest mode” skill slots (or both).

This would make them able to have new usefull skills instead of some of the current ones.

In the case of the alchemist for example, “dig” skill could be added to common skills while tincturing, magnum opus, item awakening and gem roasting could be added to the rest mode skill slots. The rest of the skills (alchemistic missile and combustion) should be reworked anyway i think. It could become a non-property magic class that makes a good combo with sage or a fire property magic class (just an idea having in mind the current property of alchemist attack skills).

About the templar, i want to propose to rework ALL the skills… there are a lot of better options for this class than the current one:

Templar could be reworked and added to the cleric tree class making it have good sinergy with paladin and crusader (for example), or rework crussader and paladin and make them be added to the swordsman tree class (as i think that it should be).

I think that it should stop to be a class with more influence on GTW than the other classes. It makes it hard to be balanced making it or too much powerful or too much useless.

Moreover, I think that Templar should continue using sword and shield as main weapons.

Futhermore, i want to propose to put again the squire on swordsman classes to make them able to have a “job” class on the tree class too (and i said that knowing that the scout tree class continue needing more classes).

This idea would make “job” classes like a good idea to have on the first character (currently its a bad idea because usually they make useless the build class (there are some exceptions but you know what i mean)) in addition to increase the number of usefull build classes (more variety).

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

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Well, i will put some insights from someone that plays actively as a Templar sinse before Rebuild.
I m not against a class being focused on Guild content + PvP/GvG, that’s one of the main reasons i got drawn into Templar in the first place(its a party/guild class)
Here is a record on my main character as reference:

I would be highly against that for emotional reasons and because i see Templars more on Physical spectrum than a Paladin for example.

Just adding up that you can also use Rapier on Templar without synergy problems. I m currently using two handed sword.

I agree that its skills are in need of changes: Mortal Slash/Forge are still with a skill factor soo low that its useless on any situation; The shield only gets nerfs for some wierd reason; The Horse… no jump animation… why?
I like the aura skills, Advanced Orders could be changed to % bonus mov speed instead +10 and -10. Battle Orders gives a reasonable amount of bonus damage soo i m not picky with it. Flying Colors is a example of a great skill, with low duration and decent cooldown. And No invasive Zone is wierd(low utility, low duration, low range) can be used on a few situations.

Done with my point of view for the Templar.

Appraiser is a GREAT class in PvE, best party buffs on the Archer tree and amount all the buffs in the game.
Pardoner could get the damage skills reworked, aside that its still a great support.

Squire and Alchemist are on a bad position on combat situations. Those two need some love. i would guess, putting the shop parts into some kind of profession separated part and giving them more combat oriented skills would do the trick.

Or introduce a new class modeled after the Roman “Custos armorum” that focuses on boosting weapons and armors and make the Squire sell food buffs and storage access via his shop instead.