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Some Drama for my fellow tea lovers [ft.Electricfan]

Synopsis: Electricfan was called out for intentionally afking in dungeon, then started raging.

Food for thought: If you were in his situation what would you have done? comment your opinions below…


open link for complete whisper chat :laughing:

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Hello tealover. You are not the only one leave dun if you see that pos in dun. Dont act like you are unique and pls block that pos like the rest of the telsians.

yes, were worse… :rofl:

And whats with the toxicity against NA? :thinking: (just curious)

Forum Flag wars, some guild thinks that they should rule the forums by flagging, Server politics that is built upon Hypocrisy and backward logic that's just the surface

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the way he spammed the whisper makes me really sad for him. you did good talking to him. looks like he hasnt talked to another human being in a decade. i hope he can learn more social skills than throwing out cuss words

This is why PH players who know how to speak english refuse to admit that they’re from the Philippines

Yeah, It became known how toxic PH players can get…

Though I feel a bit sad for him, he was caught doing something wrong, and in his defense he raged and decided to vent his frustration on others. (sad reacts only) :cry:

Not just you, he whispering me too :flushed:

Please send screenshots :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

we need more tea :partying_face: :tea:

and I would love to see the difference in the vocabulary that he uses :kissing_heart:

i think he wouldve messaged me too but i blocked him looooooong time ago for being toxic

I can’t believe you blocked him…

Just imagine all that wasted tea :tea: :nauseated_face: