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Some bugs&questions about ep 11


Here some bugs after episode 11:

  • Manual swap doesn’t act like auto-swap and removes randomly buff, letting only the two first buffs, sometimes it doesn’t even remove buffs (video uploading):
    Also, manual swap doesn’t take my dagger sometimes, the slot become empty

  • Here the most annoying for me. Scouts can’t cloak anymore. With the new “not in combat” feature; we have a bug in tbl. First round we can cloak at start; second and third round we can’t. Cause of the desync, we do the last skill used before our death at round 1 at the start of round 2; same about round 2 to round 3. Which means we start by attacking even if we don’t press skill, so we need to run like 20 sec to be out of combat at start of round 2 and 3; 20 sec in tbl…it’s too late to do anything. Same in feud, we can’t cloak; we have to sit to be out of combat. You need to rework the “out of combat” thing if you want that new cloaking works. And plz don’t say me “run run run and you will be out of combat after some sec” cause when we run we makes the serv desync so sometimes the “out of combat” never happens cause it desync at the moment we should be “out of combat”. It’s rly broken.

  • Behead (assassin) bleeding deals only 1 damages to players

  • Keel Hauling (corsair), damages as been nerfed to the ground without anything about it in patch-note; was it bug before or right now?! Cause it dealt insane amount of damages pre-episode 11, and now it’s really bad.

  • the new “auto skill targeting” feature doesn’t seem to do anything in mouse control. Tried with the corsair rope, it’s doesn’t auto target at all. Can we have more info about what the dev wanted to do with this new feature?!

Can we talk about what is considered 'in combat' for a moment?

Agreed, this doesn’t work or was not implemented as advertised. It was supposed to lock skills on an area instead of a target so you would still be able to land AoE somewhere instead of having them wasted on your head. This was suppsoed to be an option to activate in the settings, but the option doesn’t exist. And skills are still wasted on the spot if no target is locked.