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(Solved) Ingame Steam login failed Error

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6-18-2020 / 10:00 am svt ( started after maintenance )
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Bug Description :
During CM and other game content fishing/afk in town/walking … etc then i get this error

Edit: Noticed there are other threads like this but dated 2017 … O.O

This means you have a Steam software update pending (happens to me all the time). Close ToS then close and relaunch Steam, it should be gone. If not, reboot your PC.

Hmm. I actually did this step a couple of times though but nothing changed. Also, I reformated my pc and fresh install of ToS … same, nothing changed and still with error …

I restarted my Modem … Boom! fixed hahaha ( I feel stupid at this point ) … someone suggested to me this ingame about maybe its a network issue ( that I forgot ) …

Its fixed now! just need to restart my modem … ugh …