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Solo content renewal: Enraged buff for bosses

The developers are planning to do something to balance solo content (solo raid,WBR,tel harsha/misrus) for healers, so here is a suggestion that could help both defensive and healer classes:

Add a new enraged mechanic that increases the attack value of the boss and at the same time decreases the defense value of the boss every time it accurately damages the player character (only player characters, no summons/assisters/companions) with its actions/skills.
This would allow the healers and defensive classes to stall the fight until the defense is low enough so they can deal as much damage as the offensive classes deal without causing much suffering for the offensive classes if the stacks are low enough to not matter that much initially.

My suggestion is 0.1% atk increase and 0.1% def decrease per hit the boss accurately lands on the player, capping at 50% atk boost and 50% def decrease after getting hit 500 times.

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// on a serious note, stalling might not really be a fun idea as it just adds more time we’re wasting “not playing the game” but just biding our time.

How about an “avatar” system instead, wherein any class (healer or otherwise) can become one of the story heroes/characters and play “as them” for the duration of the instance (with some tweaks on stats based on their relevant ones), that sounds fun to me at least. Then maybe rotate heroes every week or so we can try different “playstyles”.

I like this idea.

And I agree, mechanics that involve “waiting out” will only serve to annoy players as we already have enough content to deal with weekly. Prolonging such content will only add to suffering.

Give healers … a summon class … summon angels or valkyries(summon goddess) … dark clerics … demons(my fave succu gahaha)

It’s already prolonged right now so with the damage you take being converted in defense reduction will actually speed up the progress significantly. Tel Harsha for example has mechanics/skills that hit you very often over a short period of time(like the fire pools, the fire droplets, the fire lanes and the burning aura), making it possible to gain stacks rapidly.

WBR is timed anyway so you suffer the same duration every time regardless, but def down mechanics will be very potent, especially considering the latest change where they upped the def of WBR bosses to Joint Strike boss standard (it is somewhere in 500k category after the patch, which is at least twice the current defense), causing more suffering to non-meta builds with support/defensive classes.

Solo raids are solo raids, but lots of them have damage over time effects where you could step into (Glacia has these blue/red circles, Skiaclipse the black auras and tornadoes and Moringponia the black pools you want to put at the edge of the map usually) and then gain stacks fast, exploiting the mechanics that are designed to hinder you to actually help you clear faster.

The plus point of this change is that both defensive and healing classes can use this to catch up, while a change to healing mechanics/assisters would only help the healing classes,leaving the defensive classes in the dust.
Imo both defensive and healing classes are suffering equally, so using their skills to their advantage for once would be nice, and you still have a gear and skill check since everyone has to watch out how many stacks he/she is willing to accumulate as the attack also rises (and thus the damage taken), translating into a benefit for those who have invested into upgrading their defensive equipment/cards/skills.

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I think that its a good idea!! But it should be tested anyway. They should make sure that DPS classes cant take adventage of this mechanic… Anyway DPS classes kill Tell Harsha in 2 mins ± at the end reaching easly the cap of damage or something like that so… Anyway, it should not make a high difference if they take adventage of it too.

So as i said, i think that it’s a good idea!!

Another option could be about make it be like the new system on legend raids about take a buff to do it.