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So when is IMC going to take action regarding bots?

I remember back then when they always announce banned players every week, why did they stop?

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probably because they found out that bots will make more $$$ if left alone. I saw multiple bots that has that cash accessories. so yeah unlikely

Havent spent a dime on ToS for a very long time now. Seeing how IMC mismanages the game and doesnt do anything about bots is frustrating.


when bots reach ktos i guess

well, they (IMC) might use legal actions against them botters instead of fixing their game ¯\_:tired: _/¯

Ktos has bots too


wow that’s sad to see

in short what applies / happens to ktos that applies to iTos too we got affected

seems like botting is legal now xD
I’m this :pinching_hand: near on joining bots cause why not? they don’t get ban anyway. :joy:

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