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So what's up, fellow Saviors?

Didn’t play since Skiaclipse was best gear, what’s new?

Hi Ulti. Big fan.
Ontopic: ■■■■■■■ archstones

With all usual RNG hoopjumping?

I’d rate it worse than practonium rank 8 box in terms of RNG bullshittery and you need around 6 of them.
Don’t even get me started on vaivoras. (Class features locked behind rare ichors)

So getting to up-to-date power levels basically out of the picture? What’s current content looking like? Do you still need a guild for anything more than breadcrumbs? Population how?

Gearing up is possible, but you need the goddesses blessing (RNG gambling) or lots of mindless farming to earn it.
Guilds are probably really good to have to do raids and grind at a good pace.
The current end-raids are alright, they have decent challenge but you need some decent gear, doesn’t have to be top tier (or just get carried by the god tiers).
Population goes up and down, might be higher/lower than last year depending on when exactly you stopped.

Doesn’t sound too exciting, may hang around for plot, I guess, not much more… Thanks, Fen~

Not too bad, but a lot of it is time-gated if you don’t have help or silver to buy the resets.

The new raids are a lot more complex than Skia, Moring is much more mechanics-heavy and punishing for failures and White Witch is very well designed. You can scale the difficulty of these and the solo bosses for more rewards.

Guilds are very important for easy access to a few end-game equips such as seals and accessories. Also good for finding easy groups and having easier access to people who will want to trade things.

The really heavy RNG right now is related to drops but their frequency has improved. Archstones are needed for best in slot accessories and arks (new slot), and vaivoras are needed as weapon ichors. The latter drops from elites, so with the advent of Singularity these drop a lot more frequently and most of them outside 2-3 outliers are reasonably priced.

Archstones are gotten from the gambling nonsense, but you’re better off just saving your silver and doing content, as the fragments drop somewhat reasonably from all end-game content and the hardest stuff drops entire stones.

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Quite comprehensive, thank you~