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So IMC put Lv.9 Legend Card Enhancement Package in Leticia's Secret Cube on kToS

What else can we say? Is there any hope left to this game?


Their latest leticias have really been max level milking.

after the “hunting ground boss one entry voucher” i dont have anything left to say

Wait next > +40 weapon on your pick

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Leticia’s Treasure Chest 2020 (November)
-Multi-color Monster Card Box x9 (a total of 18 albums of each color)
-Lv10 Enhancement Card x47
-Legend Enhancement Card x2
-Shining Enhancement Card x16
-Enhancement Card: 100 x36
-Lv3 Leticia Card x5
-Lv4 Leticia Card x4
-Lv5 Leticia Card x3
-Lv6 Leticia Card x3
-Lv7 Leticia Card x4


can i get an item that can give +1 to ark lv? 1 id can buy max 3 of them and cost 330 tp for each?

make it happen pls

Add lvl 10 ark selection box please.

Nah… thats too blatant p2w

How about a box that contains a random vvr? For 290 tp and 1 id can buy max 5 of them

And, a package that contains 10 unidentified mystic tome for 240 tp and 1 id can buy max 6 of them


sadly all our money nvr use for upgrade sv :sad:

Players in 2018: Let’s put some TP for a better dev & maybe they gonna make some huge optimization, (64bits etc…).

IMC 2020: Yes, Laetitia cube with level card 9 with 0.02 chance but if you open 200cubes you have 0.29% chance!

Players be like:

IMC be like:


why ppl crying about the game is pay to win more than I can remember

thats already in their roadmap i believe
soon enough we will see arch frags, full arch stone, and even scroll that let you +21 your gear or even +40
when boruta card released i was joking it will be added in cubes, see what happened?they did it already

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