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So, if you bought Token with TP and sold it for silver, do you not get the TP compensation next week?

Just wondering ahead of time so I can prepare myself mentally. Since I sold a couple tokens at 350k, whereas those people who bought my token for 350k also receive a bunch of TP back. FML

You get 99 TP for every token you currently own…so no.

They will compensate the token owners, not the silver owners.
Honestly I think they should compensate only those who spent 198tp, but focus on who has a token is a valid point of view and perhaps technically simpler, so they compensate who bought DLC.

You already got the silver equivalent of 198 TP back then so no.


Well you sold it quite cheap but that doesn’t make any difference. What ppl don’t want to understand that tokens will be half the price and that will or at least should affect its silver price too.

So that still means it is like you sold 2 tokens at once… So you actually got what you deserve while the one who bought the token only got 1 token instead of 2 for his silver. So actually if anybody then he deserves a compensation not you. (it should be a silver compensation for these buyers btw…but that would be almost impossible to do I think…)

Sadly you got nothing from this. No silver or tp.
Why did you even sellbit under 500k-800k?