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So I just came back to the game

and I cant use the auction house until 2026, what a joke.


that’s it, this was the last chance I was going to give to this game, Im done.

You trolling ? It’s 26/05/20 :joy:

Koreans (imc) do YEAR-MONTH-DAY

that’s until next Tuesday

26th MAY 2020
now hiatus again.

Misunderstanding aside, the market restriction is annoying for sure. It doesn’t take that long to get through the story, all the way to the end of Ep12. I did it in ~two days and then had to wait 5 more just to use the 18m silver I acquired through questing. I ended up leveling another character through the whole story again and waiting a couple more days just killing time… tossing all my stuff on the ground since I can’t sell it for anything near its worth to NPCs uwu

not fun to deal with at all

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i cant tell if this was a joke post or not… :hey:

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