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So.. How to get Class Change Points fast?


I have two chars that i want to change class, but it seems getting points is a bit buggy, and was wondering is there anybody who has some workaround how to get points surely and fast?


I think you can buy class change points with TP. This is the fastest if you are willing to spend real money.


Spam uphill x10 solo and afk till you lose, 3-4 mins for 10points


Have that class undergo base class change? If not then you can go change the base class and revert. It’ll give you the points up to your current level.

If you have done the base class change then easiest way and could actually give you benefit, probably to just spam raid (refugee is fastest). Though it’ll get pretty expensive since raid portal stone price has went up.


When both my scout and sw chars needed a reset I decided to swap their roles/base instead


Don’t play for 30 days straight and you should get a rank reset voucher that gives you 3000 points.
Easy, fast and cheap.


Hey thanks for the info about Uphill :wink:
Tried mercenary post missions, but it doesnt matter if i complete or fail i got no class points for it, i did two siaulua and one crystal mine, i assume the other ones are bugged too, just like level dungeons.


I’m getting class change points from Siaulai, but you have to complete it.
Also do daily quests to get another 20 points and fishing for 10 more.


Salus works for me, dungeons don’t, only if I do them alone


Daily quests are working, although the party-themed quest can be a pain in the ass.


fishing gives you points too! though its 1 point per catch