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So.. How do we farm Silver now?

Anyone figured that out already?
Cuz darily Mercenary Quest / Challenge Mode ain’t cutting it like grinding at Outer Wall District 15 used to…
(Also that happens right after I made a Squire in a second account to use repair shop and camp, nice…)

i haven’t played in a while, why? what happened to silver farming?

Mobs on the field don’t drop Silver anymore… They drop Mercenary Badges instead and with a 200.000 limit per week, that was probably to get rid of bots and Silver Selling Websites but that kinda screwed over, well… Everyone else too…

ahhh ic thank you , but CM silver drops are still the same?

They do but… Yunno… One per day… That’s why I am quite puzzled of how am I suppose to do it now…

You do 6 CMs per day at least. That’s around 8M silver per day. That’s enough to slowly build up the gear you need.

With the blessed seed event you get even more CM resets so probably can do 8 per day now on average.

In case you wonder how people do 6 CMs a day: You can buy 5 resets per day at the mercenary badge store.

How to get so many Mercenary Badges? You do Uphill Defense Very Hard 4 times a week. And once you have good gear and a priest, you also do Dimensional Collapse Point 11 times a week (you can buy one reset per day, so 4+7). You also do Bernice once per week and fetch your reward at the start of the next week.

And now you can even grind for mercenary badges, but it takes around 1-2 hours to get 1000 badges from that, so probably not worth the time invested.


… Sounds like a pain in the bum… Anyway I am already VERY demotivated to continue this…
I gonna sleep on it and see how it goes… Finding decent MMOs these days is hard… I already came out of another MMO, Wakfu, into ToS because the devs decided to put PK back in the game, a mechanic that killed the player base some years ago just because some high level players were whining about it and history repeated itself where multiple newbies quit the game because they were being PKed by Lv200 that just wanted to grief them… Anyway that doesn’t matter…

I will think about what you said, I already have mix feeling about this game being the typical “Pay for Convenience” type where everything is kinda of a burden (Like the VERY small Storage Space) unless you throw some money at it… I mean, I already reset my team three times because of mistakes I’ve done so far just because I didn’t want to spend around 800php just to change my class ONCE…

If you don’t enjoy doing CM, Uphill and other instanced content then it’s definitely not the game for you. I find CM with a party quite enjoyable myself, so no issue here (except I wish there were more than two maps people would do it on).

The game throws free class change points (and other premium items) at you like crazy, Token is the only thing you really need. And if you don’t want to pay for it you can also buy it at the market. It’s 20M on my server, so if you do 6 CMs each day for 3 days you already got the silver for it.

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I feel you man, comming from a bad mmo into ToS is like walking from one hell into another. I highly recommend playing something like WoW or ff14 if you have the cash or if you want to go completely f2p from the ground up, Albion online or Runescape (both games you can easily farm ingame to buy premium then you are set) would be the next best thing. There are just too many problems underneath the surface of ToS right now that aren’t even worth the effort to ignore especially for a new player just trying to enjoy the game longer then a week and it is probably extremely similar to your Wakfu experience.

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Why do you need second account to made a squire? I only have 1 account and can still use my squire shop normally

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I like it , many bot user not posting sell 5B silver every week after this patch LoL


Singularity also gives a lot of silver. Do it while you can use CM vouchers to craft Singularity entries and multiply tokens. If you can manage to find a party for the joint raid and end up into the 20 parties that get ranked, you also get some silver from that (ofc if you don’t gamble it back into the Goddess Grace).

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Because I didn’t want to use one of my characters slots just to make a character that will just set a camp, put up a repair shop and then logout… I also already had 4 characters and didn’t want to fork over some cash to open more character slots, also in a new account I can use the achievement rewards for completing chapters to level the Squire faster too.

WoW and FF14 aren’t my thing… I actually quite dislike 3D MMOs, I tried Albion but the lack of levels kinda threw me off and Runescape is just too grindy for me… Picking a MMO is like picking a partner in a sense… Wakfu I did play for almost a decade to be honest… And despite my hatred towards that thrash company (Ankama) I still enjoyed the game for being the best turn-base MMO around (Mostly cuz no one else did it better)… I decided to cool my head and keep trying for now tho, mostly cuz there aren’t anything that catch my eye at the moment…

For me that partner will be pre-renewal Ragnarok Online forever.

Tree of Savior is more someone I occassionally meet with to have some casual fun. More notably, it just makes me want to play RO again lol.

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Damn, I felt that… Ragnarok is a lost case at this point… Too many bots screwed the economy of that game so bad that the only way to get gears is to either follow along with zeny sellers and become part of the problem or become a whale and cash shop all the way… Also the balancing is awful too, LoL

My favorite class is Super Novice and it’s just PURE TRASH

well ryan already gave the perfect answer in my view would only add the singularity that gives a lot of silver and if you are lucky you can get good items to make more silver selling but I have the impression that what you want is to complain and maybe attention and not one answer.

farm badges to purchase daily 5 cm resets in the merc shop :satisfaction:

Except you don’t need to farm badges to do that, as you already hit the caps without doing so.
And farming badges is a total waste of time due to the laughable amount at which they drop, anyway. A chance of dropping a single badge per enemy. Oh, come on.

when i said farm, i meant that as a general term on the many method one can acquire the badges :haha: :haha:

:open_mouth: to have at least a squire in your main account is actually pretty convenient to save your silver. not only you save up the repair cost for yourself, the silver you earn from it is pretty nice if you put it in a place where many whale like to repair such as telharsha (the new sole hunt place), can also make food buff and use the camp as a warp, also with combination of enchanter, you can basically sell fire enchant and ice enchant on market…