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So are you banned

How’s it going guys happy new year

Edit ???

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My money is saved!!!

IMC: Makes event exploitable
Players: Exploited the game
IMC: Why this mofos exploited the game? Bans players

mampus lah lae…

Got restricted even thought i didn’t exploit whatsoever
I simply got 2 extra login reward from their error on the event and get banned.
I really don’t understand them at all.
It is their ■■■■■■■ error to ■■■■ code everything in the game.
I didn’t even knew it was a bug it simplyu happened when i changed login and played a dungeon… How the ■■■■ is that my fault ?

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i just refill my cash last night, haven’t spent any, welp

God and IMC lob you boi. Its warning to not spend anymoney on disgaem

yeah after this ban, which i didnt actually abuse, i mean i got like 10+ char doing dg330 ofc its gonna have alot of coin, ima think stopping all together. this bug started from imc, yet they blame players for their lack of competence.


I have been coming and going from TOS many times already, but IMC is really garbage at handling the game, it seems that they really want to cash grab and close the game, cause for real, this bug was retarded, people got extra coins from doing DG 330, which is something we do on multiple characthers 3 times a day, they can’t code one simple event without problem and still blame the players from playing their game.
So I did 3 runs on DG and now im banned because of their incompetence.
Really love the game, but IMC keeps ruining it each passing day.

its been 1 week since i returned to TOS, and i was so happy that the game changed so much since i last played in 2016…but yea, cant see more of the game now xD

took you long enough to realize the truth

Unfortunately yes, i really like the game, keep trying to play it , but dude, banning for an error on their part?
I don’t even know where to start with all that is wrong with this.

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stay calm guys ‘w’;
i am sure this ban will be lifted since telsiai server is a ghost town right now Oxo;;;


If the info on the ticket is correct i won’t …

I never wanted so hard for a game to shut down now, they basically stole my money, that is it

i think it’s just a generic spiel for them to reply, but let’s wait and see what happens next

100 years later
/aT lEaSt 20 ChaRaCteR

About 40 people in klaipeda. That’s how it looks like in EU fedimian at any given time. Git Gud

The similar happened to me. Was just doing dungeons and loitering around in town when the event rewards were shoved to me. And I was sacrificed like a lamb for their incompetency.