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Snow Rolling breaks Linker's Lifeline buff


I found out that Snow Rolling was breaking the links from any Linker party member, including the Lifeline buff. Bug or feature?


Any idea? Or should I simply send a ticket to the support to find out?


This has been happening since forever I think, and it has more to do with altitude changes than an interaction with Snow Rolling. If you use Spirit Shock, Physical Link, or Spiritual Link and a linked target experiences a (sudden?) altitude change because, for example, the boss picked you up, the boss jumped, the boss dug underground etc. then any links will cancel.

Personally I assumed it was a feature because lore-wise Linker, well, links stuff together by utilizing the second dimension (i.e. 2D) which doesn’t have depth? (I know that’s probably scientifically wrong). You could send in a ticket and see what happens though, it’d be nice to have links broken for less reasons.

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