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Smol returning cleric needs help

ummm I’m a returning player, decided to take a small break on my main game to check out some TOS changes :< Tbh I keep returning and leaving this game for like a million times because I just don’t have enough time to grind for silver and couldn’t catch up on anything wwwwww.
Anyway is there a cheap and good cleric build(can either be support or dps)? I tried researching and ask my friends who are still playing the game and they told me to play monk/PD :-s i’m done with tos pvp so no monk please 24176753_1279999108822027_5921799458999519414_n

Well, I play with Druid - Exo - Krivis and I think my character really does good damage with low/cheap gears. If you want you can change krivis to plague doctor as well.
For a support build, you can get priest - oracle - kabbalist. I’ve never played with a full support build so I can’t tell about it :frowning:

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you should unfriend those who tell you to play monk.
They’re trash (both monk and the friend)

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