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Slow motion animation for dying bosses and the ability to disable other players from visibility on world bosses

These problems complicate the gameplay due to the inability to take action or to adequately respond to what is happening around due to strong lags of bugs sometimes accompanied by vga and other errors with a crash.Also relevant is the problem of special effects during the death or the appearance of the boss! The most striking example of which I would single out Mallet Wyvern.
Thank you for your attention and understanding.

The slow motion on dying bosses is ok, but should not appear when the boss dies out of LOS. I’ve got instances of chars dying because your PoV is shifted towards the dying boss for several seconds while your char still gets pummeled by mobs.

On World Bosses, try to uncheck “show other characters names” it helps a ton.

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Not sure what happened with this one in particular, my client has an aneurysm whenever it spawns though. Think it has to do with how they changed his effects several months ago.

Only really a problem in gem feud, nothing else is really that lethal. :stuck_out_tongue:

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