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Skill Scroll bug

On Sep 17th, 2018 i sent a ticket about the skill scroll. One month later… still the same
The scrolls that should gave damage, aren’t working.
Pole of Agony, Flame ground…

Here’s a video:

Come on guys… one month??

@GM_Francis @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Letitia


Up! ‘-’


Yep, this is a most complicated situation. Would be good to have it solved.

IMC, would you please? After all, those scrolls are running around the markets and pardoner ones work very well. Enchanter has been neglected for too long now.

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i have a different but maybe related bug, but having scrolls that’s different from my actual skill level (make lower level scrolls or use divine might while making the scrolls) fixed my problem Owo

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Having th same problem since Rank 10 update. Already sent ticket and got the same answer :c