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[SKILL] Judgement( Inquisitor ) is bug

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Bug Description :
after new patch change , Judgement skill don’t applies Cri chance(+20 at max level ) for Inq skill or other class skill
Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. unequipment (cri rate 480) VS monster EP12
  2. normal Atk 0/50 times for Cri , Inq skill 0/30 times for Cri
  3. buff judgement , normal Atk 0/50 times for Cri , Inq skill 0/30 times for Cri , that same
  4. finally, i’m not sure, this skill don’t judges the enemy as devil type , No damage increase after equip ATK devil type cards.

Screenshots / Video :slight_smile:

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) : joypad


  • CPU : intel i7
  • RAM : 24
  • Graphics Card :GTX1660ti
  • Mainboard :
  • Storage : 1GB
  • OS :
  • Internet Connection :
  • Country, Region :
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Note how it gives 20% Crit CHANCE: If you have 0% crit chance normally, 0 x 1.2 is still 0…

I think it only the targets count as devil for Iron Maiden and Ripper skills, not for anything else. Not 100% sure though.

The exact effect is : it triggers the devil type bonus effects of Inquisitor skills when attacking the enemy with said skills.

The affected skills are

  • God Smash with God Smash : Demon Punisher attribute active (+30% damage at maximum attribute level)
  • Ripper (+30% damage)
  • Iron Maiden (deal damage of 1% max HP every second to trapped enemy)