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Skill Hell Breath lag problem

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Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : October 27, 2018

Server Name: Telsiai

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Bug Description : every time I use the Hell breath skill of Pyromancer it was lag and make my party lag too. Please check and fix this skill problem. I love this skill so much!
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Experienced the same thing, feels like some kind of server lag or something. Same with meteor

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Sad to read as that is a great skill D:

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I hope they will fix this problem soon.
Love TOS

At least you don’t play Onmyoji with Yin Yang dropping your FPS to zero :wink:

i used to play with my pyro friend and experienced the same problem.

I remember when I could freeze a channel by just using magnetic force or how Out of body would crash every dungeon or mission…

Hmm now that I think of it, I was doing dun 330 yesterday with a pyromancer in the party and as soon as he was coming close my FPS dropped to 0 as if I was using Yin Yang. Probably the same problem (big AoE wiping too many mobs for the client to handle all death animations).