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Skill descriptions when putting in point

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Date and Time :08/05/2015

Bug Description : When trying to put points into skill, the skill descriptions still shows the previous level skill description before confirming the point usage. For example, my fireball was at level 2, the skill description is correctly displayed for both the current level and the next level. Then when I apply the point to level it up to level 3 but before confirming by clicking the “O” button, if I check the skill description, it will shows the skill level is 3, but have the description of a level 2 fireball. After confirming the point usage, the description displayed correctly. I am not sure if this is intended, but it sure did cause temporary confusion.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Check skill description, when you have a skill at level x
  2. Apply point to skill but don’t click “O” yet, you will see the description showed as the level x+1, but the description of x.
  3. After clicking “O”, the skill will show correct description.

Screenshots / Video :

Interesting find. The tooltip basically should never update until you hit the “O” button, as it’s only there to help you decide what to increment next.

It actually shows you the correct preview most of the time. Sometimes the bug reported happens - levels increase, but damage stays.

I noticed this bug on my Swordsman yesterday. I was allocating points to level up a skill, and the description showed the information for the current skill level instead of the proposed skill level. The skill was either Concentrate or Gung Ho (probably Concentrate). I think the bug only occurred after I had allocated enough skill points to max out the skill at level 10, but I’m not sure. For example, if I allocated 5 skill points to level the skill from 4 to 9 before confirming, all descriptions were correct, but once I allocated the 6th skill point to max out the skill at level 10, the level 4 (current level) description was shown instead.