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[Skill Description] Transmit Prana

The current skill description for “Transmit Prana” (Sadhu 3 Skill) says

“Transfer your abilities to allies in front of you.”
“Transmits 10 of INT”

Okay…what exactly does it mean?
Its a Sadhu 3 skill. We can reach sadhu 3 as early as Rank 6…which takes a while to reach.

Some people told me the “10 of INT” are 10% …somebody else said it would transmit all of our INT + additional 10 points.

Then we dont know if its a buff that stays for a while or if it does only stay until the cast is over.

Can somebody please clarify this. I am about to reach sadhu 3 and would like to know what MY.ONLY.NEW.SKILL would provide.


@GM_Francis @Staff_Julie @STAFF_Ethan


According to the original Korean text, it should be %.

The % sign was missing and I’ve fixed it.