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[SKILL] Aspergillum damage down after new patch

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 2020-03-31T03:00:00Z

Server Name: SA SILUTE

Team Name: reRaging

Character Name: Sairi

Bug Description :
Aspergilum damage went down really hard after the last patch hit the server.
Even with the tooltip indicating 775% Skill Factor it deals less damage than Chortasmata with its 484% Skill Factor. My guess is that its dealing something like only 100% from Skill Factor.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Use Aspergillum
  2. Attack an enemy
  3. Deal damage

Screenshots / Video :

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) : Keyboard


  • CPU : i5 4670k, 3.8Ghz
  • RAM : 8GB DDR3 1600
  • Graphics Card : Radeon HD 7850
  • Mainboard : Asus
  • Storage : 500GB HDD
  • OS : Windows 10 Single Language Edition
  • Internet Connection : 20mb cable
  • Country, Region : Brazil, SA

This is horrible I was wonderig why I can’t break out from bone prison in skia solo… xD I can confirm I have the same issue…

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Hi @d_nlo

Kindly submit a ticket to the Tree of Savior support team to further assist you regarding the matter.

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Done. Thank you for the quick response.
I’ve to wait now since that’s pretty much my main damage source. x_X

damn im worried that aspergillum isnt the only one…

yes, i can confirm this too
my damage didnt change from using asper and last rite

Aspergillum SFR is down after the patch to 50% SFR at enhance level 100, skill level 15 (i.e. it deals half of your basic attack as damage).

Great bug you got there going, makes all the investment worthwhile.

hope today MT fix this…

1 week already and my dps is still down 50% :slight_smile:

I already reseted to another class because I know how it goes lol… and no I don’t like it but chaplain is close to useless atm so…

If you have enough points to reset to seomthing else and later back I suggest you to do the same…hopefully it is fixed next week but who knows…

I might change to Crusader/Druid but I really wanted my Basic Attack build to work…

As soon as I get the class 4 voucher from Harbor Day, I’m removing Chaplain.

It was good while it lasted.

I’ll keep the Chaplain going, though no longer running on steroids thanks to this bug.
knockdown immunity is still useful and Last Rites at least does continue to work, same with Visible Talent. I just hope Aspergillum will come back to life with next maintenance, because it’s over 50% of my base attack damage <_<

I was using Monk/Chaplain for some hybrid damage, and since Capela also increases the damage from Energy Blast the sinergy was doing well. 600% phys from Double Attack and 600% magic from Aspergillum from every basic attack was my main damage source tho.

yea, bcause of this too i changed to paladin for now
i already submited ticket but still no fix…

14 days already :slightly_smiling_face:

A month and a half :frowning_face:

Where is the staff eh!?
I send every week this bug and NO ONE FIX IT!
IMC, you was good, but today you’re horrible, same reply every ticket
I bought TP to incentivent the game, today I feel SHAME to spend my money in this game.
so many big bug where YOU MUST TO FIX, and you just import with the Compensation for Weekend Bonus, oh please, FIX THIS CLASS!