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Skiaclipse sword works with scout skills!

i apologize for my statement here

after some thorough testing today with the help of my friend (SEA Amaryl), skiaclipse sword +10% 1h sword skill final damage is working with any scout skills too


Omg edit your solution too.

Are you saying the sword will increase every scout tree skill final damage? :scream:

wasn’t a increase because of the sheer stats?
also it could be just the variance of min and max attack…

Hmm… I did actually test this on a Peltasta/Rodelero/Murmillo back then when it released, before the SFR changes update, and it didn’t work with any shield specific skill, Wastrel Sword ichor did end being preferable for that build. It worked with Rodelero’s Montano and Murmillo’s Frenzied Slash though.

I guess I’ll run a small test with my swordie and scout late on the night to see if things changed.

Plot twist the increase in damage is actually from the additional STR from the sword as opposed to not wearing anything in main-hand.

when i dont use skia sword (+72STR), i use 1 skia plate (+62 STR) to make up for the lost of that 72STR, vice versa

Ok, almost forgot about testing. I took some time to test and I can say it looks like it works with all shield skills now, this is easier to test because the shield atk attr let me use any weapon without impacting the final dmg that much

I also did some tests on scout and looks like it kind of works. It’s really hard to tell because of the min-max dmg can make the numbers too erratic and using a low lv weapon makes low dmg which also makes it hard to tell when it’s only a 10% difference.


Well, I mean…Any Skill displaying a Sword-symbol should work, shouldn’t it? Of course it feels weird especially for the shield x sword and pistol x sword stuff

i spammed dust devil for 20 minute straight when i was testing

gotta love the dedication lol

While I don’t know if this works or not, it’s important to remember that the Skiaclipse Sword gives +305 “Slash Attack” stat, which will influence testing on skills like Dust Devil. This bonus acts the same as “Physical Attack” stat, but only applies on Slash-type damage.

The item’s stat text on this was a bit inconsistent and confusing so I corrected it.

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20 minute straight looking at fast flying number is stressing enough, you know? i replied to this part of yours:

if you doubt it, better test it yourself and present image proof, rather than easy theorycrafting and disregard other people effort

about the +slash attack, yes already tested it too, when dust devil on CD, i use shinobi skills which all are pierce type

Well tested with DGS and it didn’t work. All pistol attack AA or skills (RIP, quick and dead) has no significant change. So no it doesn’t work with scout.

If you free, can you also test with swordsman? Someone said in discord that it’s only add damage instead of final damage…

really? hmm… i dont have gunner scout atm, so i cant test it. Maybe it works for dagger scout only?

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