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Sinking Seizure raid

Is there some info on the boss’s mechanics somewhere? The raid itself seems quite easy to understand, but there are some mechanics that I still didn’t figure out like why do my character starts losing HP constantly after a while (tagged with “lack of oxygen” debuff, would think that using the little oxygen bubbles would remove that but it doesn’t).

Quick note

Oxygen keep rising up to 90. When reached maximum (90) you cannot heal and lose hp over time.
Maximum oxygen can be reduced with boss hp go low.

When boss gone berserk (red mode) oxygen continue to decreased. when reach minimum (10-30) you cannot heal and heavily slowed.

Ground electrocute : just jump at least once. Get hit twice will be stunned for long time.

Shiny thing : collect 5 of it make your oxygen level go constant for a period of time. Not necessary in automatch though.

pink bubbles lowers the oxygen stack while blue bubbles raise it

I still don’t understand the “oxygem saturation” debuff. Sometimes I get it when oxygen level is low, sometimes it appears at level 30, 50, 70, 90… seems to appear totally randomly. Is that because the boss is in berserk mode?

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