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[Simple Healing] - Gears for CM7

The title explains everything xD
I wanna build a cleric for going to challenge modes on Sajunga/WB

Do I really need to be a full cleric or simple equipments are enough? Because I gotta say I’ve seen some healers that didn’t even have legend equipments lol

And is this build good?

A hot build is this: Kabba-Pard-Zeal, Healer-debuffer build, works wonder on boss fights, and as a secondary healer on Glacia.

An low-investiment build: Pala-Kabba-PD. All you need is some Healing and Barrier Scrolls, you use Healing Factor and Ein Soft on yourself with Restoration to heal and Barrier Arts on, soak the dmg up and have a lot of utility

As for Pala/Ora build, you can switch Diev if you want, cause the majority of healers today are Priest-Kabba-Diev, my main is a Pala-Miko-Oracle cause of this inflation of Dievs xD

1 point in fade, 4(+1) on cure, for pala/oracle you realy dont need much points on Arcane Energy cause you have Restoration atribute that gives SP

1 point in Sanctuary for debuffs imunity, Resist elements is kinda bugged, i prefer Conviction with Arts on, so i can Heal and amplify elemental damage while doing so.

All you need is Cloth Healing arts and some CON and SPR. If you have Barrier arts, you use Dodge and Block from the members inside your barrier. I use SPR/CON/Evasion/Medium Offsseting and Critical Resist on Mace and shield, but you can use whatever you want.


Thank your for your quick reply! WoW
I’m interested in being Kabbalist (my preferred character in the game and haven’t even played the class yet lol), Paladin and Plague Doctor.
I imagine this build will need me to have Paladin and Plague Doctor Arts. Am I right?

Yes, for CM lvl1 to 5 you let Ein soft and Healing Factor arts to heal your party, for 6 and 7 you turn off PD HF arts, Ein Soft party atribute, active Paladin Devotion and Arts to soak the dmg up and heal only yourself, its a fun build and can reach high amounts of HP with Iron Wall ichors

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Since this is for CM, Dievdirby is basically a must.
Some people kick healers that don’t have Diev because its such a convenient class for damage dealers, and it also helps your own healing.
Non-diev healers are only for duo heal content like legendary raids. (Glacia in particular.)

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Ok I went paladin/diev/priest and I died a lot. I mean, too much. I couldn’t simply stay alive.
I bought Barrier Art and now I wanna try it. Any tips and/or advices? :frowning:
I may be doing something wrong or letting something on when it should be off. I don’t know.

turn off the barrier attribute to put dmg into you unless you are SOOOOO freaking geared or very well geared with the barrier ground art too.

To heal without that much stress and having to turn those off, druid, kabba, diev works fine as you can have chrotasmata and einsoft up always, you also give crit increase, cd and sp reductions…

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Ohohoho~ you went masochist build ehh? XDD

turn off attribute of Barrier: Devotion and stay on back and ready your Heal skill always …

Or if you want to take the damage try to jump out of the barrier when you’re low > heal > jump in again XDD

Also, its useful to push back the mobs off with Barrier since you cant tank the damage yet.

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Guys thank you so much for helping me! :pleading_face:
My final build is diev - druid - priest :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
At first I decided to create a priest just because of turn undead skill. But I din’t want this character to be just a “spare” one, if you know what I mean.
After doing a lot of mistakes {letting my party die, buying lots of arts for classes I’m not using atm, missclicking etc} I can finally say everything is fine right now.
I just need to buy more gears but now I’m able to heal my party without big problems. :star_struck:

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If you really want to play Kabbalist, you can easily replace Druid with Kabbalist too by the way.

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