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Silver broken = game broken

This game is broken because silver is broken nyow.
Silver reward reduced to the max but silver consumption is not reduced at all nyaaa.
Fishing bait price, repair items and price, skills items, market stupid fee, etc nyaaaa.
Market still using silver for trade nyaaa XD
And healers are killed nyahahahaha XD
I wonder how long this game gonna last nyaaaa.


Great with the new expansion I will not get any silver being a healer and to record the vaivoras I will spend all my resources. P.S. With the new CM being a healer, it is not enough for me to repair 70k

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Singularity could be buffed for at least 1M per run. The rest is just meme/dead content now.

1 Singularity == 1 Repair all set


In regards to repair…don’t use squire repair. Goddess shop sells repair kits.


Yeah rip repair shop. Rip fishing. Rip market. Rip token seller. This game is digging it’s own grave nyow nyahahahaha. If they wanna reduce silver just nerf silver from jsr nyaaa. They can take silver back from goddess gambling and demon tempation nyaaa. Everything is not good for new players in the future nyaaa. I don’t see a good future for this game nyaaaa. Regret spending some money to it nyaaa. Better buy a game then spend some money to a broken game who’s gonna die nyaaa


they could have it at 50% at least so we can repair and do maintenance … too little silver to do anything now that mats price are skyrocketing hahahaha


TOS today kinda not worth playing since we’ll just wasting time for nothing nyaaa. No more progress to be made since no silver means can’t buy anything unless you buy packages nyahahahahaha. I think this game won’t last longer nyow nyaaaa. I’ve seen the grave has been dug nyaaa. It just a matter of time this game come to an end nyaaa XD

  1. Silvers consumption has been reduced - maintenances cost less, for example.
  2. Some costs have also been shifted to gabija coins. And we get a ton of those.
  3. Can’t expect to sell things at the same price when the silver supply has been greatly reduced compared to before.
  4. I can’t take seriously one that keeps writing “nyaaa” at the end of their sentences. You are just annoying to read when you do so, to put it bluntly.

Those nyaas kill me too xD…

But idk all I see is that my silver is less and less and I have almost no income. I even tried this hunting ground thing yesterday… I most likely also not strong enough but I didn’t even get back my money I spent on the buff needed to kill there.

Lots of ppl got back lots of money from dimantleing things and I think lots of ppl dont see it yet but it’s weird.

Idk I may need a guide on how you manage things now because I don’t rly get it…if there is a way…

I don’t care about the market btw because it will set itself after some time but everything else… :thinking:


Agreed with the point, cringe with the ‘nyaa’.


To bad Relic Silver Cost is not lowered…

Relic solution:
Client_tos_x64 Screenshot 2021.08.26 -


The update was great, amazing compared to other TOS big updates.

But yeah, the silver gain cut is way too much for both new/returning players and even veteran players as well. Someone already complained that he didn’t gain any silver for the past 3 days after update being implemented (from 1B silver to 100M silver).

IMC can improve this problem by :

  1. Revert back CM/DS silver gain with current difficulty. For healers, make it silver gain depending on their healing amount, added with amount of damage they dealt.
  2. More channel on Episode 13-2 to farm those Written Order. I’m afraid with 5 channels per map, it will be likely to overpopulate later on (especially on crowded server like Telsiai).
  3. Reduce relic upgrade cost. Because we all know, we hate that equipment.

That’s all that I can think of right now. Hopefully they really check forum and listen how iTOS players crying and dying because of this.


just use ur fking real money, thats imc wants

even with real money, what would you expect to get?

selling token? nobody has silver, means token won’t be that much sale. getting more things in Leticia/Goddess cubes? again, people don’t have silver to buy the things coming out from it.


You can talk about silver borken=game broken you are but some experince in this field.Please visit the site and clear some concept.Thankyou!

IMC heard you loud and clear.

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