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Silute unstable after maintenance - getting multiple disconects

I can’t play for more than 20min without getting disconected
My ping looks normal but every once in a while I get DCed and sent back to my lodge

I’ve checked with people on shout chat and many people are also facing the same problem, looks like it’s a server-side problem

I am getting different error messages, I will post them here later



(the channel did not close)


Same here, silute as well

43th today and counting. Always a pleasure to play this game.

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I was disconnected 10 times during the velcoffer today. I gave up allotumeras during the day

Been facing the same issue since I returned to the game, its frustrating because I have a very limited time to play and I can’t fully enjoy it getting these random disconnects every now and then. Hopefully they can look further into the issue and get and it fixed before their players (which arent that much) give up on the game, again.
Oh, from Silute here.

I’m having the same issue since last week (Sunday) from NA - Klaipeda.


Can you guys check into it, thanks in advance.

@Staff_Bob @Staff_Amy @STAFF_Yuri @GM_Francis

Same here at Telsiai

It’s happening again today.
Mutiple players are reporting the same thing, insane lag and desync followed by disconects.