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Silute Server needs to be moved

Since some time ago Silute server was downgraded to a lower quality hardware, those old xeons where you host a blog for 50 access and that is it.

The result was that GTW became an unbearable hell, how on earth do you expect a low quality server to handle it? Now, players continuously experience 10 to 60 seconds delay in abilities and most just quit.

Channel crashes, massive lags during joint strike, unplayable during gtw. What are you expecting to get out of this, IMC?
Is this an attempt to maximize profits before the server is inevitably closed and merged with klaipeda? AFAIK Silute still has enough whales to justify a decent hardware, but the thing is: Those whales P2W to get good GTW results, by ruining the only content “worth” P2Wing for, what is left?

Honestly, if we are to keep this garbage quality hardware hosting Silute, if the excuse is Brazil’s high server prices, might as well move it back to the US.

Talk to us, tell us you have plans to fix this, and I dont mean game patch or anything like that, I mean actually moving silute to a stronger server capable of handling the content you intend us to play


yes gtw is unplayable, but imc never looks at it, i’ve lost hope.

all server is unplayable…