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Silute server capacity problem - Can't run dungeons or raids without automatch

We can’t run dungeons or raids without constantly getting this error message, we need to keep spamming enter for several minutes until we can enter. Even Legend Raid that you can’t use automatch you need to wait till you manage to enter.
This is partly because of people returning to the game and the vassalo coins events that make people rush dungeons solo but it’s slowly taking extreme proportions like people completely taking over dungeon 50. I feel sorry for the newbies trying to level up because right now if they try to run lv.50 dungeon they will find only high level people rushing the boss to get the coins BECAUSE THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THEY CAN ENTER THE DUNGEON IF YOU DON’T WANT TO GO THROUGH SEVERAL MINUTES OF INSANE CLICKING ENTER RISKING TO HAVE A REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURY.
Please IMC, improve you server capacity to acomodate the returning players, at least until they quit again.

This is how the automatch dungeon 50 looks like now

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