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Silute[SA] - GTW FeedBack

  • Team Name: Parabula

  • Character Name: Alex

  • Class Build: Swordsman 1 - Peltasta 3 - Rodeleiro 2 - Templar 2 - Murmillo 1

  • CPU: I7 - 6500U

  • RAM: 16Gb

  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R5 M330

  • OS: Windows 10

  • Internet Connection Speed: 10Mb

  • Country/State: Brasil

  • Comments
    On days 3 and 4 some channels were crashing and you could not log in util it comes back.
    The Battle orders skills was not giving the moviment bonus for my own character most of the time.
    The skills like buff share and shield charger are working just fine.
    There is a need for some balancing sinse my char can tank world bosses and even so i was one shotted some times.
    A thing that was kinda bad is that bigger guilds were the ones that ruled the places.
    Another thing was rewards, sinse mostly players is entering with max level characters, exp boosts arent the best thing to recieveā€¦ Plus all you had to do is enter the map, you could enter, pick your reward and leave.
    There were a high consentration of druids.
    And here is my feed back.