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Silute - sa freezing

What disrespect is that with the players? We’ve been complaining about this lag for 1 month and you guys DO NOTHING! 1 month with the game freezing all the time making it virtually impossible to do things. Leveling has no way, CM has no way, saalus is impossible … Do something IMC!

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my brother they do not want to know anyone from the silute … so much that the gvg test is on the NA server and did not give any answers regarding the silute … well I’ve been out of the game since last week and probably will not return. … precisely because of this “warm service” provided by a team that has the title of staff but do nothing about it

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We’re currently preparing a new patch intended to address different optimization issues (like improving stability during quests) that’s expected to help with this aspect.
We also received several reports of client crashes. The latest patch related to these issues is being applied to our kTOS servers very soon, and we hope to bring it to iTOS as well in a future update.
Meanwhile, we’ve installed performance profiling tools to help us respond to server-side lag problems, and we will continue to collect performance data for our next optimization endeavors.

What about the freezes? It’s been almost 1 Month. It’s ridiculous! The other servers are doing fine except Silute, and from what you just told, you are just ignoring the problem.