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Silute impossible to play

It´is an absurd how the things are on the server this week and we have no support.
We have to wait 7 days until the actualization to get the server fixed???

negligence everywhere

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yeap, IMC please fix it !!!

Hello, @Reryu

Really sorry for your inconvenience regarding SA server lag issue.
Our development team and QA team are currently investigating the matter.
Once again, really apologize for that issue :sad:

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Game’s been unplayable for literally days. I try to use skills, items, any action; but my char stands and does nothing. even the forums are hard to use…

Please inform us if you are still facing an error message when logging into Silute. Currently, players should be able to access all servers.

We are still investigating the recent lag on the SA server and we ask for your patience and understanding. Once again, we do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

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Hello, I want to know what steps IMC will take regarding this whole proplem of connection and instability.
What compensation will we receive? Are you going to extend the Earth Tower event for another week? Are there any extra tickets? How do we get the Condensed Earth Tower Cubes and the Blessed Shards ???
I couldn’t do Salus and ET with some characters because of this terrible instability on the Silute server.



Silute is still having freezes, not as major as before but we are still experimenting server instability. Please, take the necessary steps to fix it.

Please fix Silute, you did nothing with the last fix.
Game still lagging a lot and freezing every freaking minute.

The following lag issues have recently been reported.
Upon checking the server’s condition, we have noted no apparent cause of instability in [SA] Silute. If you are being affected by lag and instability issues, kindly report them through a support ticket with information about your location, system specs and most importantly a video of the occurrence (you can upload the video on a platform like YouTube and include the link to it in your ticket), so we can investigate the problem further.

It will cost literally 10min to anyone log in and check this themselve, just stay in the cities and you will get freezed at least 1 time every 10min.
Try to do one challenge mode in Sausys9 where the freeze is more intense.

I’m tired of writing tickets and nobody answering them: here you have other people experiencing the same issues as me, so please, dont treat us as fools, and fix the server already.

But it’s best to try out a Challenge Mode, and you’ll see that you’ll have multiple freezes on content you need to do fast.
Yesterday my game caught so much that I was thrown to the character screen in the last Boss, and when I relogged the CM was finished I did not receive any cash and I was left with the debuff to not be able to do more CM.


Support ticket? Really?
Want to see the problem ocurring? Just do Challenge Mode in Sausys9 channel 1 at 8:00 PM BRT. You will freeze at least 3 times until lvl 5…
It´s too easy for IMC´s team to reproduce the error and try to find the cause.
There is no reason to ask for tickets…

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