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Show Your Hangout Design

Hello everyone :satisfaction:

Over the past months since the hangout customization is implemented, we’ve been slowly working on with ours on a 3-guildie contribution rate :prince:

Would really appreciate to see other guilds’ hangouts to share their architectural and landscaping ideas in this thread >w</

i’ll be sharing ours as well owO

As soon as we get things together, that is :haha:

so here is our humble entrance Owo/
placed a seat here and a small fountain to watch as you wait for others to come in owO

above it is the farming area owO
the dark pine tree sure makes the lamp’s light stand out
there’s an open space there that we plan to put stuff in the future :haha:

across it is Silvenstine’s garden Owo/
we pretty much use the hydrangea’s particle effect to give the trees a mystical effect * w *
and pretty good use of the butterflies :prince:

just over the pond is a statue of goddess Vakarine Owo
we placed it here since this is the furthermost part of the hangout, so peeps won’t have to run back to the front when they’re on this side :distinguished:

on the left side of the garden is what we refer to as the Altar of Storms
here we pay tribute to our past comrades
as we seek for their aid and guidance in one way or another :satisfaction:

and last but not least is the Mogcafe >w</
it’s still under construction, but you will be greeted by our cafe maid/waitress/barista owO
don’t forget she’s also the farm groundskeeper :hey:

the cafe dining are features a statue where you can have… ehem… romantic privacy just behind it owO
we also put some petal effects for ambiance :satisfaction:


welp, i guess that’s all for now folks :satisfaction:
hope to see yours soon >w<


So beautiful <3. Will be my inspiration.

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thank you matt :satisfaction:

hope to see yours when you do Owob

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Nuooo I contribute 1 point each day tooo gahahahaha!

sorry afker most of the time …

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Didn’t have enough time to finish.

I really like the asymmetry of your design with the flowers! It looks so nice!

1 Like pft pft pft :haha: a four-man contribution then XD

is ok, play at your own pace Owoy

oooh~ thank you @gustavosoldi :satisfaction:

though mogs complain a lot about the asymmetry :haha:

you have a sophisticated meeting hall :prince: completed with a fiery altar for a serious feel to it X3

ah the new stuff are here owO

the mogcafe is now complete :satisfaction:

looks like we over decorated the hangout too Owo;;

anyway please pay us a visit at telsiai nobreer forest if you wanna look around X3

upgraded our scarecrow owO we now have a fat blue bird innit Owo

along with the chicken coop that i’ve always wanted :prince:

we also have a rabbit house next to the farm owO
i’m just saying it’s too close to the vegetables :hey:

a squirrel made a home in this here stump though Owo;;
when did we have that?! :heeey:

some trees grew along Silv’s garden as well owO
just the perfect spot to put a hammock on it oo :distinguished:

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Credits to our Decoration team , who poured hours into the arrangement despite some bugs occuring here and there with the furniture :heart:

We have yet to try out the new furniture :laughing:


oooh~ that’s a nice setup for the outdoor store Owo

thank you, ersa >w< look forward for the additional stuff X3

i wish i can zoom out as far as ersa without using an addon Owo

here’s what i can capture on our hangout :satisfaction:

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