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Show status effects visibly in party ui/target ui

I don’t know if anyone suggested something like this before but it would be nice if i could see clearly if someone is affected by a status effect in the party ui. So adding colors and icons to a party member’s hp bar when they get frozen for example…it would be nice.
Because for example in cms… i don’t rly see much in general… and especially without dispellers and antidotes in the future it would help a lot.

I thought of something like this (don’t judge my beutiful art):

(this party is a bit f***d as you see)

Also it should be similar in the party member targeting ui. Also maybe low Hp targets could have different color (red tinted?) to see they have low hp more easily.

Also sometimes it happens at skiaclipse raid that i have no idea who is in the cage (believe it or not) so this could help at that too I guess. X)

Hello Savior,

Thank you for this suggestion, we’ll share it to the dev team for review.

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